Tania Rincón collapses when remembering her friend Fernando del Solar

As part of the farewell to Fernando del Solarthe program ‘Hoy’ remembered him in his best moments in the program, to which he was invited by the also deceased Magda Rodríguez.

Tania Rincón knew him since she started her career, so she collapsed live when she remembered it.

“He was always a generous guy, I remember him as a great guide, he was the first one who took my hand and told me ‘here I am’. I, who worked on a sports channel, told me ‘you who like soccer. I always I’m going to give you the ball, but I need you to be ready to receive it, in me you will always find an accomplice, let’s be accomplices.’ Being the figure that he was, that he approached me when I started, I considered it, and always I said, the best detail”.

Tania endorsed. “He was a guy who always remembered the names of your important people. He didn’t lose detail of the people you loved, that’s why it’s so difficult now to see a funeral home and know that his mother who comes from the tragedy of losing her husband, it’s hard knowing that he overtook us and, above all, understanding the legacy that he wanted to leave us: There is no tomorrow and we have to live in the now”.

“I was waiting a bit for the roast, we think that people are eternal and now there is no tomorrow, because we live in a hurry,” said the driver.

“Fer was supportive, well, affectionate, who welcomed you like a family,” said Tania.