Tania Rincón reveals the shocking reason why she left ‘Venga la joy’

Currently, Tania Rincón enjoys her work on “Hoy”.


Tania Rincon She served for several years as host of the morning program “Venga la salud”, becoming one of the main figures of the program; However, she announced her departure in 2019. Now, the communicator revealed the true reasons why she made this decision.

Tanyawho currently works as host of “Hoy”, was honest as never before, and through a talk on the “La Capitana” podcast, The host provided some hitherto unpublished details of her time on “Venga la Joy”.

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The host came to “Venga la salud” in 2011, and although he had some adaptation problems at first, he soon managed to integrate into the team. Unfortunately, she accepted that she was beginning to feel left behind in the series of changes that were taking place in TVAzteca.

Thus, with the aim of breaking ground in new projects, Tania Rincón made a risky decision that, in the end, turned out to be the best one for her.


Tania Rincón confessed to Sandra de la Vega in “La Capitana” that her main reasons for leaving “Venga la alegría” were, mainly, your mental health and your desire to try to do something different:

“I was already getting sick, I said: ‘For mental health I have to go and I have to go very, very well.’”

“When I returned from the World Cup in Russia I took the decision to leave ‘Venga la Alegría’…at that time I said: ‘I need a project that will make me grow… I want to do something else…’ Tania explained.

“I was already getting sick, I said: ‘For mental health I have to go and I have to go very, very well,’” he explained.

The driver assured, on the other hand, that The internal changes that were taking place at TVAzteca were a kind of internal signal for her.: “Suddenly in the company many decisions were made, so I only saw them passing as projects and I was no longer taken into account as much (…) it was more like: ‘I’m leaving Azteca because I no longer care.’ “they are giving projects’…”, he recalled.

For Tanya, It was very difficult not to be considered for other projects, which generated a feeling of stagnation and insecurity.: “The administration changed and I was not a saint of their devotion and I didn’t seem to fit the standards they wanted either. For me it started to generate a lot of confusion, a lot of doubt, a lot of insecurity,” Rincón declared.

At the moment, Tania Rincón really enjoys her professional stage in “Hoy”space that you share with your colleagues Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza and Arath de la Torre.