Tania Rincón shares the details of her separation

Tania Rincón spoke live about her divorce with Daniel Pérez

Tania Rincón said she was calm and happy with the decision to separate from her husband Daniel Pérez, with whom she had been married for 11 years and in a romantic relationship for 16, in addition to two children Patricio and Amelia, but during the broadcast of “Today” she could not contain herself. tears when talking about it.

The couple announced the news through a joint statement, in which, without detailing the cause, they reported that they had been separated as a couple since January and that they would continue together as a family.

This Wednesday morning in the “Hoy” program, the host thanked the support of her colleagues, whom she described as family, and visibly affected, she could not hold back her tears when talking about their separation, as she said, she married the idea that it would be forever.

He admitted that he is carrying out a friendly separation process with Dani, a process in which there was first anger, frustration, and many hours of therapy; She shared that on Sunday Dani left home and they went to meet, as a family, her new home, an apartment.

In a recent interview with Yordi Rosado, in January, Tania Rincón recalled that she met her husband when he worked for Fox, they were introduced, and although things “didn’t go down” at first, they talked about it and let things flow, and from So they didn’t get loose.

«He was a very confident guy, he resolved conflicts in a different way, he was very focused, I was very loud, I always wanted to be right, I loved being begged, being persecuted; as a drama story, ”Tania recounted in that interview just a few weeks ago.

He confessed that just as they had experienced many good moments, there had also been several bad ones, but that until then they had found a solution. She admitted that they gave each other the opportunity to do different things separately to nurture the relationship, which had helped a lot to reinvent themselves.