Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn end their relationship after six years together

The rumors began after it was revealed that the actor had not attended any of the concerts of The Eras Tour of the singer.

Singer Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn have reportedly ended their relationship after six years of romance, Entertainment Tonight reported.

According to this means of communication, both Taylor and Joe would have ended their relationship in a friendly way, even for a few weeks, which would be the reason why Joe Alwyn has not been caught in some of the concerts that the singer has offered as part of ‘The Eras Tour’. The break between Taylor and Joe has also broken the hearts of thousands of fans of the singer, who even trended the hashtag “I no longer believe in love.” According to users of social networks, they were one of the most solid and committed couples of the show.

Throughout these six years of relationship, Taylor dedicated some songs to Joe in which he revealed what his courtship with the actor was like. Among these songs are ‘Ready For It?’ and ‘Delicate’, which is considered one of her most romantic songs. Other of her songs are ‘Lover’ and ‘Daylight’.