Tecate Emblema: Nostalgia Weekend with Backstreet Boys and Gwen Stefani

Everything is ready so that thousands of people can enjoy artists like Backstreet Boys Y Gwen Stefany, who are part of the cartel Tecate Festival Emblemwhich will be held in Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

after the pandemic which caused several festivals to postpone their realization, finally the Tecate Emblem, which was one of the most anticipated, will open its doors many people waiting dance sing and above all, remember with some groups of the nineties that time when they were teenagers.

the quote is this Friday May 13 and Saturday May 14.

Tecate Emblema takes place in the Rodriguez Brothers Autodrome. Two important roads can take you there: Río La Piedad Viaduct Avenue and Río Churubusco Avenue.

In the vicinity of the property there is the Ciudad Deportiva subway station.

Access to Tecate Emblema will be through the gate 7 of the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome and it will be from 13 hours.

the poster

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated boybands is the of the Backstreet Boys, made up by AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Brian Luttrell, Nick Carter and Kevin Richardsonwho since the nineties They were characterized as one of the most successful pop bands, when selling more than 110 million discs around the world.

Among the most anticipated songs in his presentation will be that of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”, “Get down (you’re the one for me)”, “Larger than life”, “As long as you love me”, “I want it that way”, among many more.

Gwen Stefani is another of the singers of the nineties that marked many generations, with the successes he accumulated while was part of No Doubt, now that he is coming as a solo artist, many of his fans hope to be able to sing at the top of their lungs tracks like “hollaback girl”“Rich girl”, “Cool”, “What you waiting for?”, among many more.

On Friday May 13 in addition to Backstreet Boys artists will perform like Elsa and Elmar, Bratty, the band Wiplash, Danny Ocean, Danna Paola, among others.

And the saturday May 14 will close with a flourish Gwen Stefani and during the day, people can enjoy singers like Morat, Kenia Os, Galantis, Cami, Fuego, Kurt and Paula Cendejas, among others.