Technology from Mexico to the world: a 13-year-old boy who invented a band against insomnia

Franco Canseco and his Neutonic band (Photo: Screenshot)

“Follow your dreams, work hard to achieve it,” said 13-year-old Franco Canseco, inventor of the Neuton Band, that helps people with insomnia to fall asleep optimally.

The young man from Baja California Sur, in northern Mexico, was last January at the Consumer Electronics Show (ESC), the most important global technology fair in Las Vegas, United States.

At his young age, he has ventured into the technology sector and is committed to continuing to develop products such as the Neutonic Band, which he hopes to bring to more countries and places.

But was not the only Mexican who was at CES, as the Llyod’s brand, focused on turning homes into smart environments, also attended to present its innovations in products, proving to be at the height of any other multinational company.

Still with the challenges they both had with the pandemic and other adversities such as chip shortage, they have managed to go out and set a goal that their devices are for sale in other countries.

Infobae interviewed both to learn about their experiences as Mexicans and the challenges they experience in the technology sector.

Neuton Band

It should be remembered that Canseco had his first appearance at the age of 10 on the program SharkTank. After presenting the Neutonic Band -which he devised because he had sleep problems-, he received the support of investors for 1.5 million pesos (more than 72 thousand US dollars).

Since then he has dedicated himself to produce, market and further develop in the field of technology with the help of his family.

llyods band neutronicag
(Photo: Screenshot)

After his participation in the CES 2022, he told Infobae that he is already working on the next generation of the Band and will try to market it in Colombia, in addition to the fact that he hopes to develop other devices.

He didn’t find the other big-name tech brands in Las Vegas overwhelming; He assured that he did not feel that they were a competition. She pointed out that simply whoever was interested in his device came to ask.

In his young career, he has overcome problems such as the pandemic and the shortage of chips. “He hit us, because there is a great demand in the world, currently the price is very expensive and the delivery dates are very long,” Franco said.

He pointed out that the air route is the fastest way to transport the Bands, however, it is also the most expensive, so he only uses it in important deliveries, and always opts for transportation by ship despite the fact that due to COVID-19 it can take a long time.

llyods band neutronicag
Neuton Band (Photo: Screenshot)

“One time the passengers of the ship that brought the bands got COVID, so they had to stop on an island; they held them. We had to wait”.

Thanks to the support you received in SharkTank Franco Canseco managed to get the momentum he needed to make the Neutonic Band a reality. In addition to having fulfilled a dream at an early age, he now helps his users end insomnia.

How to turn a home into a smart home

Llyod’s is a Mexican company with a history of 30 years that was present at the last edition of CES 2022 and that seeks to continue growing with its smart devices focused on the needs of the people.

The company sells various smart home gadgets such as lights, bells, heaters, security cameras, showers, coffee makers and morewhich can be controlled from the cell phone and are compatible with Alexa and the Google Assistant.

llyods band neutronicag
(Photo: Screenshot)

Solomon SaadLloyd’s CEO said in an interview with infobae, that try to provide a complete solution to users so that they can make their home smart and integrate all its segments.

Despite being in competition with companies like Phillips, LG, Xiaomi, among others that sell smart products, Llyod’s says it has managed to stay in the tech market with a team of engineers and fight consumer bias.

With our engineers here in Mexico we can compete in the Major Leagues without the biggest problem […] sometimes there is a theory that an international company or a company with greater global coverage cares for quality in a better way or that it has greater support. That has been a challenge for us, being able to combat this type of prejudice, so to speak,” said Lloyd’s commercial director, Karen Kurtz.

In addition, they have focused on launching products based on local needs that international brands have neglected.

For example, after reviewing the regional needs they realized that the Mexicans consume infrared controls, so they are close to launching a new infrared control that will include a temperature and humidity sensor.

“What we do is work on quality; [que incluye] a manual in common language, with the idioms that we have, that is, make it much more friendly and closer to the people of Mexico and at the same time develop products. Maybe our releases are smaller than those of companies [extranjeras]but we are also constantly looking to be developing,” said Kurtz.

Also, just like Canseco. they had problems with material shortages and the pandemic, forcing itself to implement strategies so that none of these factors would harm its production or its prices and people would not have to pay for those consequences.

Llyod’s recalled that when shipping its products, it witnessed space auctions, where those that would normally cost $2,000 now reached $20,000, and that despite the cost, shipments were sometimes delayed. “A ship arrived at a certain port and they lowered it, stayed there for a little while and then brought it back. It was chaos.”

Unexpected and important events for the sector take place in these types of companies, “it was crazy, that is, who would have thought that a humble focus would play in the Major Leagues and compete against Samsung smartphones and televisions, who would have believed that it was going to be the star product”.

In that sense, the experience of selling months of inventory in 3 days taught them a new challenge: predict How far can a product’s potential go? in a specific timeframe.

Despite all the challenges, both Mexican teams have come forward with the vision of continuing to expand and reach the Canadian, US and Latin American markets, where they can establish themselves offering quality products.


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