Telegram adds real-time video translation, group topics, and more

Telegram update. (photo: official Telegram blog)

Telegram has become a great alternative to WhatsApp when choosing a instant messaging service. And part of the characteristics of this program is the continuous update that the team behind its development has launched to provide more and more functions that differentiate it from its competitors.

Now Telegram has just announced through its official blog that it is launching a new update equivalent to version 9.1, which will add some improvements really interesting to you instant messaging app.

According to the company, the new update allows “adding topics to organize conversations in large groups, a new mode of collectible usernames secured in a blockchainan option to convert video messages to text, and much more.”

These are the news of Telegram 9.1

It must be said that the update is now available for download, so if any Infobae reader uses Telegram, it is necessary to know that you can now update to the version 9.1 without any problem. If you don’t see the update, then you have to be a little patient because it may take a few days for the update to be released due to global distribution.

Therefore, in terms of news, the group topics. Until now, Telegram groups had huge communities, and now groups with more than 200 members can create separate rooms for each topic.

These threads act as individual chat rooms within the group with their own media and notification settings, making it ideal for certain communities that currently need to keep groups open for new events. Now everything is more organized.

As stated in the press release: “This feature is specifically intended for large groups, adding new ways to personalize your chats and motivate conversation. During this year, we hope to introduce a set of tools tailored for small groups.”

What's new in the latest Telegram update.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
What’s new in the latest Telegram update. (photo: official Telegram blog)

They also arrive collectible usernames to help create optional usernames for public accounts and chats. These collectible credentials are network protected blockchaintonton, a fast and scalable network, which allows buying and selling through the platform. Very useful to sell valuable Telegram domains.

Unlike normal usernames, collected usernames can be less than 5 characters, so they have unique names like @girl either @lady.

In addition, once such a name has been acquired, the user will have the power to keep it for as long as they want. You can also disable any collected username and hide it from search results without losing the username.

What's new in the latest Telegram update.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
What’s new in the latest Telegram update. (photo: official Telegram blog)

Video message transcription, new emojis and more

Continuing with all the news that comes to Telegram, it is valid to recognize that the premium version will have the ability to transcribe video and audio messages to text. It is expected that in the future this feature will reach all users because it will serve more than one.

What's new in the latest Telegram update.  (photo: official Telegram blog)
What’s new in the latest Telegram update. (photo: official Telegram blog)

On the other hand, Telegram has added 12 more emoticon packs, although for now for Premium users. And if any reader has a iPhone, that is, the iOS operating systemit is important to know that the dark themes they have been updated to look better. For example, colors balance and fade better when you swipe in chat and the chat list.

And if any user uses AndroidNote that improvements have been made to the text size.

To complete all the news that arrive on the instant messaging platform, it is also said that they land four new interactive emoticonswhich will play full screen and can be used as reactions.



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