Televisa actor Gastón Tuset dies at 80 years of age

Yesterday it was revealed the unfortunate death of Gastón Tuset, an emblematic actor who made a great artistic career

According to the first reports, the actor died at the age of 80 in the early hours of this May 1st. Was the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) who announced the sad news that overshadowed to the entertainment industry.

The National Association of Interpreters communicates the sensitive death of the interpreting partner Gaston Tuset. Actor and director with extensive experience in theater, film and television. She is remembered for her participation in soap operas such as ‘The rich also cry’ and ‘Chispita‘. To your family and friends we send our heartfelt condolences from the ConsANDI Board of Directors and Surveillance Committee”, read in the statement.

Who was Gaston Tuset?

Gaston Tuset, was an actor, television and theater director of Argentine origin. He is remembered for his participation in soap operas such as ‘The rich also cry’ and ‘Chispita’. He was born on October 19, 1942 in Argentina.

He participated in more than 15 telenovelas among which are in addition to ‘Sparkle’ and ‘The Rich Also Cry’; ‘Doménica Montero’, ‘Vivir un poco’ and ‘Amor real’, among others.

In theater Gastón participated in ‘My adorable thief’, ‘Ladies Orchestra’ and ‘The heroes of the next day’, while as a stage manager he has put his touch on ‘The ninth commandment’, ‘Love again’, ‘Pablo and Andrea’ and ‘The intruder’.

As a director, the most outstanding work of Gaston Tuset was the ninth commandment, from the year 2001; however, he collaborated in various productions of different genres, since he was in charge of Passionate grudge, from 1998; the second part of La intrusa, from 2001; to love again, from 2003; he directed the children’s soap opera Pablo y Andrea, from 2005; The two faces of Ana, from 2006; Dear Enemy, from 2008 and Zacatillo, a place in your heart, from 2010.

Until before the year 2000most of his appearances on television had been as an actor, in Wild Rose of 1987 gave life to Roque Mendizabalin said telenovela he shared the cast with Verónica Castro, Laura Zapata and Edith González; Meanwhile in The privilege of loving (1998 – 1999), Gastón Tuset acted as Alfonso and his colleagues were Adela Noriega, René Strickler, Helena Rojo, Andrés García and Cynthia Klitbo.

Although Your set was born in Argentina, his trajectory continued in Mexico. One of his first participations was in the soap opera Black Tears in which he gave life to Marquis de Alvear; this production of Valentine Pimpstein for Televisa also had the participation of Irma Lozano, Nubia Marti and Salvador Pineda.

Gastón Tuset also participated as stage director from several chapters of The Rose of Guadalupe, one of them was a 2019 episode in which it was illustrated the story of a family mother who developed an Eating Disorder (TCA) and began to make diets harmful to health, the title was When mom is the problem.

In the year 2000, Gaston Tuset contributed to the spread of culture in the state of Tabascosince it was part of the national program to promote reading Leo… then I exist, promoted by the Institute National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) and the State Institute of Culture (IEC).