Televisa will record a soap opera in Jerusalem, find out what it will be!

Telenovela to be filmed in Jerusalem


The return of Fernando Colunga to Televisa could not go under the table.

That is why the production of El maleficio prepares everything so that, in the first days of November, its protagonist travels to Jerusalem to film some iconic scenes of the melodrama in which he stars alongside Marlene Favela.

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But this is not all, because New York, Washington and Rome will be other destinations that the main cast of the project will visit, which will premiere on Monday, November 13, once the bioseries of Gloria Trevi on the channel the stars.

José Alberto Castro, executive producer of the melodrama that will be inspired by the eighties hit by Ernesto Alonso, meticulously takes care of every detail so that the work on screen reflects the quality that is being printed on it. The first trip will be to the Middle East after the presentation to the press.


Fernando Colunga in El Maleficio

The curse brings back to the Televisa screen Fernando Colungawho had been away from the company that saw him born as an artist for seven years, as he focused on other Telemundo and Netflix projects such as the series El secreto de la familia Greco and the telenovela El conde, which has not yet been released.

Once again, the most sought-after heartthrob of the 90s will share the scene with Marlene Favela, who worked with him in the soap opera Pasión y poder, along with other figures such as Susana González and Jorge Salinas.