Tension between Russia and Ukraine continues: despite militarization on the border, Moscow denies plans to invade the neighboring country

The spokesman’s statements come as the US, NATO, the European Union (EU) and Kiev denounce the concentration of soldiers and military equipment on Russia’s border with Ukraine (Photo: AFP) (VASILY MAXIMOV /)

Russia denied today the US accusations and from Ukraine that it plans an attack on the neighboring country early next year, while he accused the West of increasing the tension with the supply of arms to the Ukrainian government while it would seek to resolve the conflict in the Donbas “by force”.

“More than once we have said at various levels that Russia does not plan to attack anyone, that Russia does not mature any aggressive plan, and it is totally incorrect to say otherwise”, the Kremlin spokesman said today, Dmitri Peskov.

The statements of the spokesperson occur when The US, NATO, the European Union (EU) and Kiev denounce the concentration of soldiers and military equipment on Russia’s border with Ukraine in what Washington sees a possible preparation for an attack against the neighboring country.

Attack in early 2022?

The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence agency, Kyrylo Budánovhe said to the middle Military Times that Russia has more than 92,000 soldiers on the border with the neighboring country and is preparing an attack for “late January or early February.”

Already last spring Russia concentrated troops on the border with Ukraine, unleashing the alarm of the West, but the difference now is that the Kremlin does not explain this movement with an excuse as there was then, which were military exercises to confront the military activities of NATO and the United States.

Just like then, Russia argues that it can move its soldiers where and how it suits it.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov (Photo: EFE)
Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov (Photo: EFE) (SERGEI KARPUKHIN / POOL SERGEI KARPUKHIN / POOL /)

It is “totally incorrect” to associate any displacement of the Russian Armed Forces within the territory of the country with aggressive plans.Peskov stressed today, who has also accused the US of artificially fueling “hysteria” about a possible preparation for an attack on Ukraine.

Those who took their Armed Forces abroad accuse us of some unusual military activity in our territory“, said. “This is not entirely logical or entirely decent,” he added.

Unclear intentions

The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, admitted that Washington “is not clear about Moscow’s intentions, but knows its moves”, so the fear is that Russia “could make the serious mistake of trying to repeat the 2014 scenario when he accumulated forces at the border, he crossed into sovereign territory of Ukraine and did so falsely claiming that he was provoked. “

Russia has always denied that it is part of the conflict in the Donbas between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian Army.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov has also stated that it was not clear whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to attack the country.

Putin may have hinted at a possible reason for the troop concentration last Thursday when he drew a continent in which Russia is besieged by NATO, especially on its western flank, in reference to the sea Black, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic countries.

Antony Blinken admitted that Washington
Antony Blinken admitted that Washington “is not clear about Moscow’s intentions, but knows its moves” (Photo: REUTERS) (POOL /)

The Russian leader denounced that The West Doesn’t Take Russia’s “Red Lines” Seriously, and argued that Moscow’s warnings have resulted in “Some effect and tension.”

It is necessary to maintain this state (of tension) as long as possible so that it does not occur to them to mount an unnecessary conflict on our western borders”, He said, at the same time that he asked the West for security guarantees to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Change speech

As international pressure on the Kremlin grows, Moscow tries to turn the discourse of Ukraine and the West around.

“We are deeply concerned about the provocative actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the line of separation of forces and about the preparations for a possible military solution to the Donbas problem,” Peskov said.

To Ukraine, he noted, “Military advisers and weapons systems arrive not only from the US, but also from other NATO countries.” “All this leads to increased tension”, he warned.

Kiev admitted in October to using a Turkish Bayraktar drone in the Donbas, prompting Moscow to call on Ankara to take Russia’s concern over “seriously.militarization”From Ukraine thanks to supply of Turkish and Western armaments.

In the Kremlin’s view, Kiev is trying to achieve its supposed military objective in the Donbas “most likely under the cover of NATO exercises in the Black Sea, the presence of ships of the allies and American and British soldiers in the region ”.

Ukraine has called the Russian version of disinformation. “Ukraine does not plan an offensive operation in the Donbas. We express our attachment to the search for a politico-diplomatic solution to the conflict, ”said the head of Ukrainian diplomacy, Dmitro Kuleba.

(With information from EFE)

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