Tension over the Barents Sea: a Russian fighter intercepted a US patrol plane

A Russian MiG-31 fighter plane intercepted a North American fighter (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov) (MAXIM SHEMETOV/)

A Russian MiG-31 fighter intercepted a United States Poseidon P-8A patrol plane over the Barents Sea on Mondays, which was approaching the Russian state border, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

“On September 18, Russian airspace control facilities detected an aerial object over the Barents Sea that was approaching the state border of the Russian Federation,” the military institution said in a statement.

Defense explained that, in order to identify the object and prevent violation of the Russian border, “a MiG-31 fighter of the air defense forces of the North Sea Fleet was sent.”

The crew of the Russian fighter identified the object as a US Navy P-8A Poseidon base patrol aircraft.

The plane turned around without violating the Russian border, said the Ministry of Defense, which assured that the flight of the Russian fighter was carried out “in strict accordance with international standards for the use of airspace over neutral waters.”

This type of incident involving Russian aircraft and member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has increased in recent months over the Black Sea, as well as in the Baltic Seain the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

Allies generally deploy fighters and other aircraft to the Baltic on those states that border Russia and intercept military and civil aircraft that do not respect international flight standards.

The Russian Defense Ministry denounced the presence of a Poseidon P-8A patrol plane over the Barents Sea
The Russian Defense Ministry denounced the presence of a Poseidon P-8A patrol plane over the Barents Sea

Russia is “the greatest threat to peace and security in the Euro-Atlantic space”according to the formal statement issued by the German Government, which months ago approved its new national security strategy.

“Neither Germany nor NATO seek opposition or confrontation with Russia. However, in the alliance we are always willing and able to defend our sovereignty and freedom and that of our allies,” the document states.

Despite their strong support for Ukraine against Russia, NATO countries have so far refused to provide modern fighter aircraft. However, the United Kingdom and the United States help Ukraine train pilots as part of their support.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported last week that A Su-24 fighter jet crashed on Tuesday afternoon in the city of Volgogradlocated in the southwest of the Eurasian country, during a training flight.

According to a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry on Telegram, the fighter was flying without a load of ammunition and with two crew members on board. The authorities sent search and rescue teams to the area of ​​​​the event.

Last year there were more than 10 aircraft accidents involving Russian warplanes that were not participating in combat. Military experts have noted that as the number of Russian military flights increased sharply during the invasion of Ukraine, so did accidents.

(With information from EFE)