Tesla: this is the Cybertruck-inspired ATV for kids

File photo. | Credit: Tesla (Tesla /)

Although Tesla announced the ‘Cybertruck’ in 2019, people who were interested in the concept of electric truck presented by Elon Musk himself, have had to wait these years, since production will begin only in 2022, however, it continues to give of what talk, because now Tesla has decided to launch an electric quad bike for children inspired by its design.

The new vehicle is ‘Cyberquad’, a vehicle designed for the smallest of the family and that arrives on time for these dates. This four-wheeled off-road vehicle offers a range of approximately 25 kilometers and a configurable maximum speed of 16 kilometers per hour.

The new ATV will be powered by a lithium-ion battery and will feature a steel frame, padded seat, and LED light bars that really look like a smaller previous version of the ‘Cybertruck’.

It should be noted that this launched model of ‘Cyberquad’ is only for children, as the community is still waiting for the adult version to come to light that was announced alongside the electric truck, since in the official presentation of the electric truck, the electric truck itself Musk showed a prototype adult ATV, which was loaded into the back of the truck.

The small SUV retails for $ 1,900 and is currently available only for the United States; However, the company assured that the shipment of the vehicle can take about four weeks so it does not promise to deliver it before Christmas. Despite being launched a few hours ago, the ‘Cyberquad’ is already sold out.

tesla whistle
File photo. | Credit: Tesla

Another Tesla product, a ‘Cybertruck’ inspired whistle

Billionaire Elon Musk’s company Tesla launched a whistle called the Cyberwhistle, inspired by the Cybertruck, at a cost of $ 50, according to the catalog on the company’s official website.

Its design is similar to that of the Tesla car already mentioned, as it is minimalist, with pronounced cuts and well polished. It is a limited edition medical grade stainless steel and features a built-in locking feature to give your customers “added versatility.”

On November 30, Elon Musk himself announced from his Twitter account the launch of the Cyberwhistle, where he took the opportunity to make jokes related to the high costs of other companies.

And it is that, on several occasions it has been mentioned that certain products of the company with the bitten apple have very high prices, such as the cloth that Musk mentioned, which is used to clean the screen of devices and costs 19 dollars.

Although the whistle was announced two days ago, it is no longer available in the Tesla store, as all were also sold in a matter of hours. However, some units can still be found on sites like eBay, at double their original price without the cost of shipping included.


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