Thalía premieres a new version with the vocalist of Hombres G

This as part of the ‘Thalía’s Mixtape’ series, in which she will also collaborate with Roco Pachukote, from Maldita Vecindad, and Charly Alberti, from Soda Stereo.

Thalía shares the art of creating cassettes with her favorite songs in the MTV and Paramount+ miniseries Thalía’s Mixtape in which, in addition to remembering the songs she used to record on those tapes, she performs them with her original artists such as Roco Pachukote, from Maldita Vecindad; Charly Alberti, from Soda Stereo; and David Summers, from Hombres G, with whom she recently released a version of the classic Give me back my girl.

“This series definitely came from my adolescent heart, the songs that one keeps in the vault of his bowels,” Thalía said in an interview by video call from New York regarding the series that debuts next Wednesday on the channel and the streaming platform.

It is surprising to see that Thalía’s mixtape, who became known in the Timbiriche group in the 1980s and continued with a successful solo pop career, includes a lot of rock, such as Soda Stereo’s Persiana Americana, or Aterciopelados’ Florecita Rockera. The series is accompanied by the album Thalia’s Mixtape available on digital platforms.

The full title of the series is Thalia’s Mixtape: The soundtrack of my life and it is indeed a window to discover the songs that, in the words of Thalía, “forged her and gave her direction as a performer”.

In the first chapter of the miniseries, Thalía shares a studio with Alberti from Soda Stereo, a group that Thalía confesses that she had on a poster in her bedroom when she was a teenager.

In the three-episode miniseries, Thalía also reviews the evolution of music formats, from vinyl to playlists and streaming.

In addition to having veteran rock stars, he summoned young performers such as Bruses, Kenia Os, León Leiden or Ben Carrillo. Prior to the premiere of the series, Thalía launched with Os the video for Para no verte más, an original song by the Argentine ska group La Mosca Tsé-Tsé released in 1999.

The version by Thalía and Os has accumulated more than 6.5 million views on YouTube since its premiere a month ago.