The 10 secrets of the Marilyn Monroe style

The diva would turn 90 years old. He marked a style that is still valid: simple and sexy at the same time. With her incredible curves and solid presence, she became the image the signs never caught up with. Part of the rich history of cinema, fashion icon and total diva, came to declare that “a smile is the best makeup a woman can wear“.

Therefore, on a new anniversary that was her birthday, it is worth remembering her style secrets that made her a living myth.

Before the camera, the actress’s skin had an unrivaled glow that she achieved using Vaseline and products from the dermatologist Erno Lazlo, such as her repairing botanical balm ‘Phormula 3-9’ or her moisturizer ‘Active Phelityl Cream’. The famous ‘Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream’ was among their staples, as were hormonal creams. In addition, she washed her face 15 times a day, due to a fear of blemishes.

The person in charge was Allan “Whitey” Snyder, also a makeup artist for Katherine Hepburn or Doris Day. To add depth, she used what Monroe called “Greta Garbo’s eye,” that is, smudging white shadow across the eyelid. A wet effect on her eyelids (Marilyn wanted to be very sexy) and perhaps the addition of a drop of oil. The star was also an advocate for false eyelashes.

The key to one of the most desired mouths in Hollywood was in the layers. Synder could use up to five different shades for the lips, from darkest around the edges to lightest in the center. First, the shape of the lips was created with the darkest eyeliner. Afterwards, the rest of the lips were filled in with another lighter eyeliner. The next step was to use the brightest red to help blur, but without reaching the darkest lines, so as not to detract from the depth of the lip. Highlighter was applied in the center to give a feeling of volume and finished with a touch of transparent lip balm.

Also on the nose

To make it look smaller and more delicate, she applied a little blush to the tip and covered it with petroleum jelly.

Marilyn always carried that mantra with her and from her early years as a model, she dyed her brown hair platinum blonde. The tone that she used herself called “white pillowcase” and it was work, as explained in the middle Allureby colorist Pearl Porterfield. I would repeat this routine every three weeks. In addition, on some occasions, she applied baby powder to the roots as a dry shampoo.

Despite being married to the great baseball player Joe DiMaggio, she was never interested in physical activity and sports. He spent only ten minutes a day, in his room, exercising with small 2.27-kilogram weights to keep his muscles firm. I did sets of about 15 reps.

The star slept between 5 and 10 hours each night, in an extra-large single bed, with a single, heavy bed cover in both summer and winter. Marilyn knew the benefits of sleeping naked: “I have never worn pajamas or those disgusting nightgowns, they interrupt my sleep,” she confessed at the time.

With his interview (and first cover) for the magazine Life in 1952 the legend of the five drops of Chanel No. 5 was born before going to sleep. Marilyn was a fan of wearing perfumes at all times. He liked the smell of Bulgarian rose and heady jasmine so much that he also poured the essence into his ice baths. Other of her favorite perfumes would be Joy, by Jean Patou, and Rose Geranium, from the British perfume house Floris.

The Hollywood star, in an interview with Pageantrevealed his curious eating habits. The first thing he did before showering was having a multivitamin pill for breakfast accompanied by two raw eggs that he mixed in a cup with warm milk. At the time, at least in the United States, eggs were believed to provide more protein raw than cooked. For dinner, she went to the market herself and bought a fillet of beef, lamb or some liver and made it in the electric oven in her room. As a side, four or five raw carrots, of which he “never got bored”.

An anti-stress philosophy that he applied when he woke up. In his statements for the medium Pageant The star confessed that she hated doing things in a rush and in a tense atmosphere. Usually on Sundays, it took her at least two hours to wake up, “enjoying every moment of sleepiness.”

He was unable to sleep without tranquilizers, which led to a strong addiction to sleeping pills. Marilyn died of a barbiturate overdose, in circumstances never clarified.

The beauty icon was much more than just a pretty face. The memory of this influential actress, professional, pioneer and feminist lives on and will live on. A miniseries will reflect his story on the sign Lifetime. It will be tonight at 22.