The 10 Televisa hits that triumphed on Las Estrellas and Vix+ during 2022

There is no doubt that 2022 was a year full of surprises and big bets on open television, as well as launches on new platforms that left a very good taste in the audience’s mouths, which made them a revelation.

Televisa, always ahead, demonstrated why it is the “Dream Factory”, and having the most popular figures on the Latin screen, made an impact with its dramatic productions and variety shows that triumphed in audience numbers.

The ViX+ platform was not far behind, and with a first-class cast of Mexican telenovelas, it also offered interesting programming that promises to continue captivating viewers in 2023. Below we present the top 10 of the best television projects of this 2022 that they kept the audience glued to their seats.

My fortune is to love you

With 5.2 million ratings in its final chapter, on March 13, My fortune is to love you was crowned the most successful telenovela of the year, starring Susana González and David Zepeda, accompanied by a stellar cast that completed Chantal Andere, Luz Elena González, Sergio Sendel, Luis Felipe Tovar, Michelle González, Ana Bertha Espín and Denia Agalianou. Produced by Nicandro Díaz, this melodrama was an adaptation of the Colombian telenovela La quiero a morir, originally by Luis Felipe Salamanca for Caracol Televisión in 2008. On this occasion, Juan Carlos Alcalá adapted it together with his team of writers made up of Alejandra Díaz, José Rubén Núñez and María del Pilar Pedroza.

My fortune is to love you The rich also cry 2022 The Stepmother 2022 My secret Who is the mask 2022? Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

Rich people cry too

Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli starred in this remake of the classic made famous by Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra in the late 1970s. The fourth installment of the series “Dream Factory” closed with 3.7 million viewers in its final broadcast, positioning itself as one of the best stories of 2022. Diego Klein and Andrés Baida were the great releases; even, thanks to this drama, they were selected to star in another successful soap opera. Despite its touches of modernity, producer Carlos Bardasano managed to preserve the essence of this classic.

The rich also cry 2022 The Stepmother 2022 My secret Who is the mask 2022? Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

The stepmother

Aracely Arámbula returned through the front door starring in an adaptation of Vivir un poco. And although she had the version of Victoria Ruffo (2005) as a reference, she carried out her role as the long-suffering Marcia, and captivated the public that did not miss a chapter of the production of Carmen Armendáriz, which reached a total rating of 3,098 million viewers. . Andrés Palacios was the leading man, while Marisol del Olmo, Martha Julia and Cecilia Grabriela, the fearsome villains.

The Stepmother 2022 My secret Who is the mask 2022? Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

My secret

Macarena García, Diego Klein, Isidora Vives and Andrés Baida have been the success of the afternoons with this adaptation of An intruder has arrived, which registers high audience numbers in each broadcast. Karyme Lozano returned to Televisa with this soap opera in which she pairs up with Arturo Peniche. Kuno Becker and Ana Layevska had a participation in the first chapters, playing the parents of the antagonist.

My secret Who is the mask 2022? Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

Who is the mask?

The fourth season of the reality show produced by Miguel Ángel Fox was reinforced with the integration of Galilea Montijo in the panel of investigators, and funny characters that surprised not only because of their size, but also because of their performances on stage. Rating numbers that surpassed six million viewers every Sunday continue to make him a phenomenon on the small screen.

Who is the mask 2022? Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

Maria Felix: The Lady

The bioseries of the legend of Mexican cinema came to the ViX+ screen under the production of Carmen Armendáriz and starring Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Romo and Abril Vergara. “It portrays the life of an emblematic figure of Mexico and the world, a woman ahead of her time who broke stereotypes; It is a challenge and an enormous responsibility, ”Armendáriz said at the time of her project about the project that was located in the first places of preference.

Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

Killer women

It took more than 10 years to have them back, and with a renewed format they have not disappointed, as it is ViX+’s most watched production since the launch of the platform. Yalitza Aparicio, Catherine Siachoque, Claudia Martín, Sara Maldonado and Macarena García are some of the protagonists of the episodes that focus on the violence suffered by these women forced to commit murder.

Killer Women 2022 The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

overcome the absence

Produced by Rosy Ocampo, and with a rating of 3,045 million viewers, it was the fourth installment of the Vencer franchise. It is an original story by Pedro Armando Rodríguez and Gerardo Pérez Zermeño, and it mainly addresses the theme of mourning. It starred Ariadne Díaz, Mayrín Villanueva, Alejandra Barros and María Perroni Garza, with Alexis Ayala, Nailea Norvind and Mariluz Bermúdez as antagonists.

The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

the devil woman

José Ron got rid of the classic “good” protagonist to play a psychopath in this production by Carlos Bardasano. Leonardo Padrón wrote this story of obsession: the love between a manipulative man and a woman with Stockholm syndrome: Cristo Beltrán went crazy for Natalia (Carolina Miranda) from the moment he saw her; it was never a temporary whim.

The Devil’s Woman The Inheritance

The Heritage

Five leading men led the cast of this production by Juan Osorio, which reached a rating of three million viewers. In this story, Emmanuel Palomares, Mauricio Henao, Matías Novoa, Daniel Elbittar and Juan Pablo Gil gave the women an eye with their statuesque bodies. The novel also served as Cupid to make the protagonists fall in love in real life: Matías Novoa and Michelle Renaud.

The Heritage

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