The 13 best apps to combat depression and anxiety

Apps for depression. (photo: WWWhat’s new)

One of the most common mental disorders is depression, and it is estimated that it affects 350 million people worldwide. There are different causes and reasons for a person to develop this disorder, which manifests itself with a wide range of symptoms: sadness, demotivation, lethargy, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, among others.

About the World Day Against Depression, In this article you will find a selection of Applications to treat depression; but don’t forget that psychotherapeutic support is paramount, because these apps are only a complement.

What is depression, a disorder that has become common today

People with depression mostly feel sad, which affects their daily life. This mood disorder is very common today and although some people believe that drug treatment is the best option.

Going to psychotherapy is essential to overcome this disorder, because psychologists can contribute to improving the quality of life of patients and to the treatment, through techniques and methods, of this common disease.

Learn about the best apps to combat depression

Nowadays, new technologies have allowed people to have therapeutic tools from their own smart phones.

and although they do not replace the image of a psychologist who monitors an individual patient’s case over several weeks and months, can be helpful in developing healthier lifestyle habits and improving their mood. Next, 13 apps to better cope with depression:

1.Positive Thinking

Today, many people identify with emotional and mood problems because expectations and beliefs influence how the world is interpreted and how events that happen to one are appreciated.

Positive Thinking is an application that provides you with a large collection of positive phrases so you can motivate yourself and improve your mood in times of depression.

positive-thinking.  (photo: Positive Thinking Company)
positive-thinking. (photo: Positive Thinking Company)

2. Mood Kit

This app can become the best ally of those who feel the saddest during the day. Mood Kit is a guide that will help you improve your mood with various practical tips and activities that will greatly benefit you.

Since one’s habits often lead to depression, this app allows users to improve their health.

Mood Kit. (photo: TreceBits)
Mood Kit. (photo: TreceBits)

3. Optimism

Optimists are less likely to get depressed because they see life from a positive perspective, where they learn from their mistakes and see it as a great opportunity for growth.

With Optimism you can detect toxic behaviors, which will allow you to modify them and thus improve your quality of life.

Optimism.  (photo: Softsonic)
Optimism. (photo: Softsonic)

4. NIH Depression Information

The National Institute of Health in USA developed this app to educate people who have just been diagnosed with depression.

The NIH Depression Information app contains a lots of information and answers a lot of questions.

Among the information provided by this application you can find: symptoms, causes, treatment and other relevant information about this mood disorder.

NIH Depression Information.  (photo: Yoigo)
NIH Depression Information. (photo: Yoigo)


This mood tracking app called Urwell works by asking users to choose from over 50 areas of their lives; such as work, hobbies, family relationships, dating, personal growth and wellness, and evaluate the performance of each of these areas.

The idea is to start with a few areas and build on them so that you end up being happy in all of them.

Urwell.  (photo: ThirteenBits)
Urwell. (photo: ThirteenBits)

6. TherapyChat

Thanks to the digital platform TherapyChat, it is possible to contact psychologists and contact them for psychological support remotely, by video call. They are all licensed psychologists with training and experience in different areas of mental and emotional health; others, as they are remote sessions, Their prices are much cheaper than face-to-face consultations.

To use TherapyChat all you have to do is choose a package, explain the problem and start with your first session with a designated psychologist, this depends on its characteristics and user needs.

Nevertheless, the first session is free.

TherapyChat.  (photo: GooglePlay)
TherapyChat. (photo: GooglePlay)

7. Pure Mind

The Pura Mente app is especially suitable for those who want to overcome depression through meditation practice and improve emotional well-being.

This app offers more than 250 guided meditations very useful organized in courses and specialized sessions to alleviate problems such as stress, anxiety, insomnia or daily problems.

Pure Mind.  (photo: Free Internet Resources)
Pure Mind. (photo: Free Internet Resources)

8. Gurumind

Gurumind is an app that makes available to users more than 100 resources on meditation and relaxation techniques, very useful in cases of problems of insomnia, Y symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In addition, the interface of this application allows a very simple and immediate way of use. All you need to do is open a Gurumind account and start using the free app.

Gurumind.  (photo: Woman's Health)
Gurumind. (photo: Woman’s Health)

9. Yana

Yana Emotional Companion is one of the most used applications for the treatment of cases of depression and general types of emotional difficulties.

This is a chatbot of emotional counseling that provides the best counseling and behavioral guidance and, if necessary, can refer the user to a real medical professional.

Yana.  (photo: Culture Collective News)
Yana. (photo: Culture Collective News)

10.Positive Activity Jackpot

The temptation to stay home is common with depression. However, mingling with the world and enjoying social activities is one of the best ways to overcome this situation.

Activity Jackpot offers suggestions for activities outside the home.

Positive Activity Jackpot.  (photo: Google Play Store)
Positive Activity Jackpot. (photo: Google Play Store)

11.Depression CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective ways to treat depression and other mental health problems.

This app helps with mood tracking with an assessment questionnaire that tracks severity of depressive symptoms and provides various resources to educate users with a more adaptive mindset to improve their situation.

It also contains audio programs to help you relax and stay healthy.

Depressed CBT.  (photo: One Mind)
Depressed CBT. (photo: One Mind)

12. Happy Habits: Choose Happiness

This app called Happy Habits uses cognitive behavioral therapy tools. First, a 119-item test was administered to assess happiness, and then a happiness diary could be used to record positive events and create a happy to-do list.

The function of graphics allows you to keep track of your progress, while the function of Audio It helps you control your emotions and have a more positive attitude.

What’s more, sounds are great for relaxation and learning to relieve stress.

Happy Habits: Choose Happiness.  (photo: ABC)
Happy Habits: Choose Happiness. (photo: ABC)

13. Mood Streamer

This app is ideal for those who go to therapy and need accurate tracking of discomfort between sessions.

Once downloaded, Mood Streamer collects and analyzes the patient’s day-to-day life and the different variables that affect their state of mind. The application generates a history of the patient’s mood.

Mood Streamer.  (photo: Capital Magazine)
Mood Streamer. (photo: Capital Magazine)


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