The 2022 Annual Culture Program is presented as part of the Municipal Development Plan

Managers, promoters, and representatives of the cultural sector agreed that it covers the expectations and needs of the citizens of Potosí in terms of Culture.

In order to publicize part of the content of the Municipal Development Plan 2021-2024, the Annual Culture Program was presented in its corresponding section, where various activities stand out to cover all areas of the municipality and its different audiences, with more than 200 cultural events to be held throughout this year.

In this way, the direction of Municipal Culture informed members of the Citizen Council of Culture, cultural promoters of neighborhoods and neighborhoods, as well as managers and cultural actors of the municipality of San Luis Potosí, the actions to be carried out jointly, who agreed that the programming meets the needs and expectations of citizens.

In the Municipal Palace, it was specified that in the corresponding axis of “San Luis con Bienestar”, a Culture for All program has been proposed, with which it seeks to strengthen cultural identity, the various artistic and cultural manifestations are promoted, and the conservation and preservation of traditions and popular cultures, as fundamental rights established in the laws and regulations of national and local observance.

The direction of Municipal Culture also explained that international and national festivals that have to do with music, theater, literature, performing arts, international, national and local folklore, plastic arts and promotion of artists from Potosí will be promoted.

In addition, activities related to tradition and popular culture will be preserved and disseminated, such as Friday of Sorrows, Friendship Month, Mother’s Day, Danzón, patron saint festivities such as San Luis Rey de Francia; dates such as the Mexican Revolution, the Day of the Dead, the Anniversary of the City’s Foundation and Christmas Festivities; as well as all the daily programming established for each day.

Finally, activities such as municipal contests in photography, painting and Cultural Merit, Municipal School of Musical Training, Municipal Youth Symphony Orchestra, Municipal Dance Company, Municipal Folkloric Ballet, Municipal Big Band, and the Network of Cultural Promoters were detailed.

It is worth mentioning that the Technical Secretariat of the City Council of San Luis Potosí explained that when it was published in the Municipal Gazette, the Municipal Development Plan, which was the result of citizen consultation and participation forums in different venues and delegations, as well as the installation of the Council and surveys, now it is essential to make its content known to the population in general, hence this rapprochement with representatives of the cultural sector.