The 25 commands you can ask Alexa: useful, funny and entertaining

02-11-2021 Alexa application on a smartphone. Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, turns three years old in Spain this Saturday, November 6, and seven years since it debuted in the United States with its voice command format, with which has received more than 6,000 million interactions from Spanish users alone. AMAZON RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY (AMAZON/)

Alexa is he voice assistant of amazon. A voice that many people know because they have heard it in their smart phonesEcho speakers, Echo Show smart displays, as well as on devices Compatible Fire TVs.

Exactly the latest models have an Alexa button on the remote. And being a good voice assistant, it is useful for many things. Users can ask Alexa all kinds of questions and they will get answers.

On a practical level, Alexa will help turn smart devices, light bulbs, plugs, and other devices on and off. You can even control smart TVs, whether they’re from Amazon or not. You can also listen to the radio, play music, set reminders and more.

But you have to be honest. The nice thing about having voice assistants is that you can ask them for practical things, useful for day to day, but you can also just hang out playing with Alexa.

How? Asking Alexa questions that she will surely answer with something interesting. This is how its creators programmed it, predicting that humans are naturally curious.

Alexa commands for everyday

When you have to go to class or work, the user needs certain information to stay up to date or not be late for an appointment or meeting. For this and much more, Alexa commands will be very helpful. For example, you can set alarms and reminders for specific days, activate timers when cooking, and more.

– Alexa, set an alarm

– Wake me up at 9 in the morning

– What alarms do I have activated?

– Remind me to buy bread at 12 noon

– Alexa, tell me my reminders

– Alexa, create a list with the name X

– Add X to the shopping list

– What lists do I have?

– What do I have on my shopping list?

– What’s on the X list?

Amazon Alexa.  (photo: Al Día News)
Amazon Alexa. (photo: Al Día News)

Of course, with Alexa, you can also create shopping lists. One list for weekly shopping, one for special gifts, one for timeless habits and purchases, and more.

And adding items to the list is also very simple. Simply say “Alexa, add lemons to shopping list” and you’re good to go. You can then empty this list by shopping on Amazon or any other physical or online store.

– What’s the news of the day?

– How is the weather?

– What is the weather going to be like in Barcelona?

– What time is it?

With the command “Alexa, hello” the routine of the same name will be activated. A process that combines Alexa commands and questions to play at the same time. It can be configured in the Amazon app.

In this process, Alexa will give the weather, read the news, notify you if you have an appointment or meeting scheduled, and more. The “news of the day” command can also be customized to read news from sources of choice.

Alexa.  (photo: Amazon/dpa)
Alexa. (photo: Amazon/dpa) (Amazon/)

Fun questions for Alexa

Surely in a moment of boredom the user asked Alexa some silly questions and she answered with grace and sweetness.

alexa has a sense of humor at levels you can’t imagine. Therefore, Alexa can be asked questions like the ones listed below. And there will certainly be a few more commands left to run with Alexa.

– Tell me a joke.

– Tell me a story.

– Tell me a secret.

– Alexa, tell me a riddle.

– Flip a coin.

– Tell me a number from 1 to 10.

– Alexa, rock, paper or scissors.

– Sing me a song.

– Where are my keys?

Enjoy Amazon Music thanks to Alexa.  (photo: World Marketing)
Enjoy Amazon Music thanks to Alexa. (photo: World Marketing)

Commands to play with Alexa

If you want to know everything Alexa can do for you, a helpful way to find out is to check out her Alexa category. ‘Alexa Skills’.

These are games, activities, and apps that integrate with Alexa so you get answers to questions about sports, weather, news, health, and more.

In this category there is a section of games that can be activated and thus play with Alexa from the Echo speaker, the Echo Show smart display, or directly from the Alexa app to iPhone me Android.

These are games that can be played with both the voice and the ear. Alexa will tell you what to do, although sometimes the dynamics of the game are so simple that they will learn to play in no time.

– Alexa, play Guess My Name

– Play Akinator

– Open Truth or Dare

– Alexa, launch Memory Challenge

– Alexa, open 12-sided Dice

– Open True or False


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