The 34 companies that were hacked in Colombia during 2022

In Colombia, 34 companies were attacked during 2022, 133% more than last year.

The closing of 2022 in Colombia was marked by cyberattacks suffered by various companies such as EPM (Medellin Public Companies) and the EPS Sanitas. During this year, according to lumu, there was a 133% increase in the number of institutions affected by ransomware compared to the previous year. This type of attack consists of hijacking data, using malware, and then demanding a ransom from organizations to recover it.

In total there were 34 companies that suffered a situation like this, or at least the number of those that were known, since most do not count or manage to go unnoticed due to the bad reputation that comes from knowing that there was a cyber attack of any kind. type.

The scope of cybercrimes reached many economic sectors such as education, communications, health, manufacturing, public services, technology, among others.

This situation has generated a “great reputational impact” on companies, but mainly, thousands of affected users, such as health care companies, because they interrupt medical processes or slow them down due to the need to physically carry out procedures.

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In Colombia, 34 companies were attacked during 2022, 133% more than last year.
In Colombia, 34 companies were attacked during 2022, 133% more than last year. (Photo: Lumu)

The companies attacked in 2022

– Overall Health.

– Javeriana university.

– Invite.

-GHT Corp.

– Pilot University.

-EPM Medellin.

– TV snail.

– Of course Columbia.

– Electricaribe.

– Long live Air.

– Carvajal.

– IT Outsourcing.

– Emtelcom.

– SKY.

– Coder SAS.

– Laura Clinic.

– Quintal.

– Sanford Group.

– Independence.

– Chibi.

– Comfacundi.

– Newhotel Software.

– Funza Flowers.

– ActionPlus.

– Feban Colombia.

– Country Club.

– Keralty (Sanitas).

– Ladera Health Network.


– Famisanar.

– Caribbean Gas.

– Procaps Laboratories.

-OpenGroup SAS.

– Corferias.

Added to this list are the attacks suffered by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation and the Government of Putumayo, who were robbed of 2,500 million pesos that were part of the department’s pension fund.

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In Colombia, 34 companies were attacked during 2022, 133% more than last year.
In Colombia, 34 companies were attacked during 2022, 133% more than last year.

The response of the affected companies

The attack on keraltithe company that owns sanitasone of the EPS with the most users in Colombiaassured that they are focused on restoring backup copies to recover documents such as medical records and medical formulas.

The CEO of the company said that the “priority is to restore our services and take care of the people” and that they “deeply regret the consequences that this has had for our users, they count on our commitment to restore our system.”

In addition, he stated that the criminals took 0.7 terabytes of information from the platform, although the attackers themselves claim to have 13 terabytes.

Another case was that of EPM, which confirmed in recent days that several online payment services are already enabled and with that access to part of its products. A solution that came about 15 days after the attack, by the group BlackCat. A situation that led some families in antioch to use illegal methods to access public services.

These two attacks were at the end of this year, but TV snail he was a victim months earlier in May. The television channel warned of the situation, which did not manage to take sensitive information but rather “affected several of our design and graphics programs, as well as some operational applications,” the company reported.

The theft of company data is being sold in illegal markets, since there is personal information from clients and company operations that is used to continue other cybercrimes.

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