The 4 keys to joining the Facebook Metaverse at the business level

Facebook’s test of its new Horizon Workrooms remote work app for its Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets (photo: La Tercera)

Since the recent announcement of the name change from Facebook to Meta, Companies around the world have anticipated new realities of connecting the real world and parallel universes through the metaverse in their advertising strategy.

A metaverse is a virtual reality space in which users interact with each other in an environment generated by computer. With today’s technology, this environment can be customized to meet the needs of any business, it can be a theater, a nightclub, a company support center, a meeting room for conferences, or a retail store that sells business items. real life.

In this environment, people can see each other, speak to each other using their voice (through a microphone connected to the computer), see the other person’s hand movements, and much more.

The technology in this area is moving very fast, so fast that it seems like a single player scene, even there are already products on the market that allow users to wear a vest that invites them to feel if another person is touching them, or even artifacts that are made so that the user can run but remain in the same position.

Andrés Dielingen, scientific publicist for Sí Señor Agencia.  (photo: Facebook)
Andrés Dielingen, scientific publicist for Sí Señor Agencia. (photo: Facebook)

The scientific publicist of Sí Señor Agencia, Andres Dielingen, has said that this renaming of the old Facebook implies a new way of integrating the physical world with the digital one, creating an important opportunity for companies in the financial sectors, marketing and entertainment to earn money and save space in this new world.

As the metaverse co-creation space in Latin American companies continues to grow, many advertisers are taking advantage of the metaverse and the universe of video game to co-create the space and at the same time, create immersive experiences in Fortnite and Animal Crossing.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen wielding at the
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seen wielding in the “Metaverse” with an Olympic gold medal fencer during a live-streamed augmented and virtual reality conference to announce Facebook’s rebrand as Meta, in this screenshot. Screen taken from a video posted on October 28, 2021.. Facebook / Brochure via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS: THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. NO RESALES. NO FILES. MANDATORY CREDIT (FACEBOOK /)

Recommendations for using the Metaverse in companies

Thus, Yes Mr. Agency offers a series of recommendations to organizations of different companies in Colombia to start successfully participating in the metaverse:

– Set goals: the world of the metaverse begins. Therefore, if you decide to launch a strategy in your business, it is necessary to measure each action in detail to achieve tangible results.

“This represents a huge opportunity for different industries, it is a new proposal that challenges companies to rethink how they interact with their employees, with their consumers and the way they interact with their products”, Dielingen points out.

– Get to know the pioneering platforms: Metaverso is an emerging ecosystem that integrates physical and digital experiences in the beginning of new popular proposals in this space, it is very important to highlight that existing platforms such as Facebook Horizon Workroom, Facebook Horizon Home, Animal Crossing or Roblox, the video game platform used by most of the children.

– Select new professional profiles: The metaverse world is projected to be worth 800 billion by 2024, so it is important that Colombian institutions interested in establishing new forms of contact, complete the profiles of specialists such as science journalist, systems engineer, etc.

– Analyze new market behaviors: Real-time market monitoring and company initiatives that have been implemented in virtual reality are a great benchmark of the dynamics they can create for your business. This is the inspiration for technological developments in Latin America.

From Sí Señor Agency, it is planned to initiate brand activations that involve new forms of approach, visibility, payments and exclusive experiences developed by each advertiser.

Official logo of Sí Señor Agencia.  (photo:
Official logo of Sí Señor Agencia. (photo:

Companies have already started using the metaverse

More and more brands are betting on this initial stage of the metaverse and have a great impact not only on monetization, but also on branding. Companies like DBS Bank recreated one of Singapore’s most iconic nightclubs, Zouk, in Fortnite to promote the new credit card.

DBS recreates nightclub in Fortnite.  (photo: Campaign Asia)
DBS recreates nightclub in Fortnite. (photo: Campaign Asia)

Deliveroo, company that is responsible for delivering food to homes in the United Kingdom, ran a campaign on Animal Crossing, where it creates surprise virtual expeditions for users with discount codes that are used in the real world.

Deliveroo uses virtual shipments through Animal Crossing.  (photo: Deliveroo)
Deliveroo uses virtual shipments through Animal Crossing. (photo: Deliveroo)

Finally, Balenciaga It also launched its first products in the metaverse with Fortnite, a video game where users can buy skins for their avatar.

Balenciaga comes to Fortnite.  (photo: Epic Games)
Balenciaga comes to Fortnite. (photo: Epic Games)


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