The 5 key functions of Instagram to start generating money

How to make money on Instagram. (photo:

The key to advancing in the war of the social media? Pay more to content creators. Goalthe parent company of Instagramcontinues his quest to engage these creators with new revenue opportunities and monetization features.

“Our goal is to be the best platform for creators like you to make a living,” he said. mark zuckerberg during the first Instagram Creator Week last June in 2021, in which he unveiled several new monetization tools.

And the head of Instagram, Adam Mosserispoke about the need to develop Applications to meet the needs of creators and give them the tools to help them make money. As part of Meta’s $1 billion investment, the digital platform has created a series of ‘Creator Incentive Programs’ to reward creators who post on Instagram and Facebook.

But with all these new features (some already in the works and some in testing), what do creators need to know and influencers of the industry? Below Infobae brings 5 ​​of the new (and potential) income generators on Instagram for creators:

1. Get tips with ‘Badges’ on Instagram Live

Like the ‘Bits’ of Twitter or the ‘Gifts’ in TikTokBadges are a way for fans to tip creators when they go live on Instagram using IG Live.

Instagram announced in November 2021 that it would expand access to the Badge to all US creators over the age of 18 with at least 10,000 followers.

How and how much creators earn: In an Instagram ‘live’, and depending on the number of followers you have and their loyalty to donating Badges, you can exceed USD$1,000.

Instagram Live Badges.  (photo: Instagram)
Instagram Live Badges. (photo: Instagram)

2. Financing with some celebrities on social networks

Instagram finances the production costs of creators’ video projects viewed through the platform. This includes the series ‘Sway Life’ on IGTV, a popular trivia series from TikTok‘s Sway Boys.

Instagram claims that will fund two other influencer collaboration projects, as well as several other short-term star video projects.

Although the platform no longer sponsors IGTV projects since Instagram consolidated its video formats and removed IGTV, Meta plans to continue its content sponsorship efforts.

How and how much creators earn: Instagram does not specify how much money it distributes to these creators.

SwayLife.  (photo: Dexerto)
SwayLife. (photo: Dexerto)

3. Features to tag products by creators

Instagram initially expanded some shopping features to its creator accounts in 2020, allowing influencers with their own collections of merchandise or products. create stores on your own Instagram.

As part of the 2021 update, Instagram says it will make it easier to open new stores and will link business accounts to creators’ master accounts.

How and how much creators earn: influencers who sell their own products will earn money from that sale, depending on their business structure.

Tag products on Instagram.  (photo: Instagram)
Tag products on Instagram. (photo: Instagram)

4. Tagging products with native affiliate marketing tools

Instagram is testing affiliate marketing tools that allow creators to earn commissions on products they tag in their feed and on stories.

Instagram added the tool to Reels in March 2022. Influencers already use third-party affiliate links and include them in their stories or bios, but these new tools are native to Instagram, directly connected to the functions of the Instagram application.

How and how much creators earn: commission rates vary and brands set their rates. These fees ranged from 8% to 20% as of September 21. Like other affiliate models, what influencers earn is based on the sales they generate. For example, the influencer Tanya Zielke (82,000 Instagram followers) earned around $58 for a feed post tagging a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, according to data collected from Instagram.

Affiliate marketing on Instagram.  (photo:
Affiliate marketing on Instagram. (photo:

5. Earn money thanks to the ‘bonus’ for posting Reels

Instagram pays certain creators to get significant views on their reels. The program is still in beta version and it is currently only available to invited creators.

How and how much creators earn: the amount creators earn is determined by their performance and the bonus offer from Reel Play that influencers receive. Some influencers have been offered a maximum payout of $800 to $35,000 for their Stories. Last year, Instagram also announced that it would reward selected creators with a ‘surprise bonus’ of up to $10,000.

'Bonus' on Instagram Reels.  (photo: Instagram)
‘Bonus’ on Instagram Reels. (photo: Instagram)


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