The 5 most popular phrases of Wendy Guevara in The House of Famous Mexico

The best of Wendy Guevara in the House of Famous Mexico


In addition to winning The House of the Famous Mexico, Wendy Guevara he won the hearts of millions of people with his witty phraseswhich became extremely popular in the last two months.

Although the successful reality show has ended, people continue to enjoy the triumph of the content creator, who six years ago went viral on social networks with a video of her next to her friend Paola Suárez in which they ask for help because they are lost in a hill.

Extremely creative and with a good sense of humor, Wendy surprised the competition with phrases that stayed for the rest of the days, since people began to use them in their daily lives.

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The 5 best phrases of Wendy Guevara in LCDLFM “Support, paunches”

“Hold up, potbellies”

Like “y la queso”, this phrase is used to impose a situation. Often, Wendy Guevara He used it in reality after having done some satisfactory activity or having given his point of view, to reaffirm his position.


This word is perhaps the most popular of The House of the Famous Mexico, since it was Wendy’s way of emphasizing when referring to all people or objects as “old”. “Veeeejooos tennis”, “vieeeejaaa gala”, “I take vieeeejooo”, among other phrases that made her classmates laugh.

“Results and stands out”

This phrase became the name of the program that Wendy Guevara had within LCDLFM, where he interviewed the contestants and also exposed his clothes to the sun. The phrase is used, to a greater extent in Mexico, to publicize news.embed


There are many versions about the origin of this popular phrase. One of the theories ensures that it began to be used among members of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially by the famous Drag Queens. The truth is that it comes from “no way”, and it is used to emphatically cut off a conversation, claiming that there is no other solution or options in this regard.

“Nothing to see”

By using this word, Wendy refers to something that has no interest. It is something that “does not make sense”, that is, “nothing to do”; or in her words, it is something “nothing to see”.

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