The 5 technological inventions of the Futurama series that have come true

Futurama series. (photo: Cinema plus Comics)

futurama, the animated television series created by Matt Groening, is about to celebrate 23 years since its creation (on March 28), and continues to surprise its loyal consumers to this day. Perhaps he was not as successful in predicting the future as the simpsons, but can still predict some inventions technological.

Some will come to fruition in a relatively short time, others have sunk into oblivion and many more remain pure curiosity because it must not be forgotten that Futurama is a comedy.

Likewise, there are 5 inventions that the series predicted and Currently, there are many similarities with technological artifacts; as if they had been inspired by the famous Groening series.

1. Suicide booth

Suicide is a touchy subject. So much so that Futurama producers sang and cheered at the prospect of a new series from “The Simpsons” creator Matt Groening. At least until it was discovered suicide booth.

Groening claims to have designed this cabin based on a short film of Donald Duck, in which he almost died while visiting a museum about futuristic inventions.

Suicide booth in Futurama.  (photo: YouTube)
Suicide booth in Futurama. (photo: YouTube)

There have been several suicide devices in real life, but the one most similar to the case mentioned is the device sarco, created by Philip Nitschke in 2017. It is a coffin that guarantees certain death by asphyxiation with nitrogen.

Nitschke has no regrets about his invention and plans to release the machine this year for home 3D printing.

Sarco suicide capsule.  (photo: hypertextual)
Sarco suicide capsule. (photo: hypertextual)


It’s hard to believe how much our lives have changed since the premiere of Futurama. For example, regarding the smart phones. Little did we know that smartphones would revolutionize, or that there would be Applications for almost everything.

Gaydar.  (photo: GetYan)
Gaydar. (photo: GetYan)

So, when in the fourth episode of the first season of Futurama an invention was shown for detect homosexuals, It just seemed like a joke in bad taste.

Currently, and although it is not precisely with the same objective, Grindr It is an app to detect homosexuals but in order to interact with each other, and create friendship, love or sexual bonds.

Grindr.  (photo: Styles and more styles)
Grindr. (photo: Styles and more styles)

3. The Oculus Rift

Some inventions, no matter how long their cycles, do not die. It happened with 3D cinema, which ceased to be the most cinematographic for the third time. And so is the virtual reality.

Oculus Rift.  (photo: Reddit)
Oculus Rift. (photo: Reddit)

When Futurama started airing, Virtual Reality was called another curiosity of the past, since movies like ‘Johnny Mnemonic’ or ‘Virtuosity’ had their fans but his future was once again far from what our lives would be like years from now.

So this Amy gag lives on in VR, how her digital persona becomes a simulation game seems like it’s come at the expense of dead technology. Until “Avatar” appears and takes us back to 3D, thus reviving home virtual reality technologies like the Oculus Rift.

Optimization of designs with the use of Virtual Reality.  (photo: Invelon)
Optimization of designs with the use of Virtual Reality. (photo: Invelon)

4. The Oloroscope

An old ad asks what clouds smell like. Everything has a smell, but being able to perceive it with a poor sense of smell that humans have is almost impossible, compared to animals.

Oloroscope in Futurama.  (photo: A Little Geek)
Oloroscope in Futurama. (photo: A Little Geek)

To compensate for this deficit, we have used Nose Ranger, a device in real life to monitor the environment or simply detect cannabis growers.

You can’t invent the Nasal Ranger on a global scale, but you can imagine what a galaxy might look like based on the compounds we find floating around.

Nasal Ranger.  (photo: The Denver Post)
Nasal Ranger. (photo: The Denver Post)

5. Robot Strippers

Futurama has never been ashamed of its robots. All shapes and sizes, sometimes they represent humans, other times they are victims of the pranks of the flintstones.

The main catchphrase is that because they like to distinguish themselves from humans, they don’t consider themselves the same other than a clear personality.

Robot strippers.  (photo:
Robot strippers. (photo:

In real life, we are still a long way from having truly autonomous talking and sentient robots, so any robot we create has an intention behind it.

Y Giles Walker understood this very well when invented these striptease robots that became famous in 2018, but they have stayed with us for some years.

This invention, without loss of owners or customers, worked and went from Consumer Entertainment Expo (CES) from Las Vegas to a Nantes club, turning Walker into a human pimp. The first machine in history.

Giles Walker's Robot Strippers.  (photo: YouTube/The Doctors)
Giles Walker’s Robot Strippers. (photo: YouTube/The Doctors)


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