The 5 tips you should know this Black Friday to find the real deals

Shoppers walk by advertisements at a retail store during Black Friday sales at Roosevelt Field shopping mall in Garden City, New York, US, November 26, 2021. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton (SHANNON STAPLETON /)

Entering any e-commerce on a discount day like Black Friday is to find dozens of discounts at first. In reality they are striking and very attractive for everyone as they are seen up to 70% discounts.

These moments of online shopping do reactivate many businesses, especially after the global economic crisis left by the pandemic, but it is also true that some sites take advantage of these events and actually scam users and do not deliver accurate offers.

For this reason, we recommend that you follow the following Five tips to improve your internet experience and find the real discounts:

1.Find the Black Friday identifier: Whenever you are looking for a product or service, you should check that what you are buying has the Black Friday identifier, because this especially in electronic commerce platforms, shows that they are products with a guaranteed discount because the value that is seen has been previously negotiated with the seller who owns the product.

2.Compare: Before explaining this recommendation, we suggest that you should always take it into account as a routine in online purchases.

When you know what you are going to buy it is necessary that you compare the prices with several pages to select the one that best suits your pocket and that has the best shipping guarantees and warranty. In this process you must be very rigorous and calm because sometimes the technical specifications are not carefully compared and you end up buying what did not fit your needs.

In addition, this practice will help you understand how much discount the platform was able to negotiate with its sellers to deliver the best product offer.

3.Products and Sellers: According to the Linio platform, “there are thousands of marketplace sellers and they have the power to define the price of their products freely. For this reason, consumers can find the same product with different prices within the same platform, so the recommendation is that when you enter one of them, look at a box that indicates by whom the product is sold and you will be sure if the product has really been increased in price or is buying from two different sellers. “

4. Calculate price and shipping cost: Many discounts are found in online stores, users are encouraged and select the best one, but when paying the price rises and the reason is because of the shipping cost. For this reason, it is relevant to be able to identify products with no shipping cost or those that have a minimum cost because otherwise, the offer was not the best and it rises compared to what was budgeted for the purchase.

5.Additional discounts: In the process of comparing, reviewing technical specifications and others, you must find the products and brands that offer additional discounts with alliances that have been made with other businesses or banks.

These tips are useful in this and other e-commerce sessions where what is most sought after is fashion and technology, in fact, according to Belkin, what is most sought after are charging solutions, connectivity, audio, accessories and security.


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