The 5 tricks to avoid any spam on Telegram

Discover 5 options to avoid spam on Telegram. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration (DADO RUVIC /)

With constant use by 500 million users worldwide, the instant messaging platform Telegram has begun to show its users one of the inherent problems that has always existed in email, the spam. Sending messages that we do not want to see, unwanted invitations and even product sales promotions to the mailboxes received causes inconvenience and makes communication difficult.

Fortunately, Telegram has some features in its settings that help prevent unwanted messages and invitations from appearing, a nuisance that users of other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp also suffer, where it can also be blocked.


Here are five tips to combat Telegram spam:

1. Limit the display of your phone number

As with WhatsApp and the rest of the instant messaging applications associated with mobile phone numbers, it is this data that will allow anyone to send spam indiscriminately.

Fortunately, Telegram allows you to limit the courtesy of your mobile number through the menu “Settings”, then “Privacy” and finally “Security”, where a list of data that can be shown or hidden will appear.

For phone numbers, there are three options available: all, only contact or no one. Depending on the privacy protection you want, you will need to choose one of these three options.

2. Block users who annoy you

There may be times when the user insists on sending spam and this blocking action explained below can also work in case the person in question sends annoying or harassing messages.

To activate the lock it is necessary to access it through the icon “Plus” of the annoying user profile, where the option to block it will appear.

This is a reversible action, so if at any time you want to come back to keep in touch with this user, you can undo the block. To do this, you must go to “Settings”, followed by “Privacy” and finally, enter “Security” and “Blocked users”.

In this section, a list of blocked users will appear, from which you can reestablish contact with them or add new ones.

3. Limit group invitations

One of the characteristics of Telegram groups is that they can have up to 200,000 people in it. This means that there are people who use discriminatory review of invitations for users of this instant messaging platform to join that group.

The problem is that many of these invitations come from unknown or indifferent groups.

To fix it, follow these steps:

“Setting”, then “Privacy & Security”, press on “Groups and Channels”, and finally in “Who can add it.”

– At this point, the option “Everybody” appears by default, which should be changed to “My contacts.”

– This created the first barrier, since invitations could only be received for groups included in the contact list.

4. Report nuisance channels and spam channels

To activate this option, you must access it through the button “Plus” in the user’s profile, where the button will appear “Report”.

If Telegram receives more complaints about the same channel, it can proceed to close or block that channel.

5. Block bots

This option works in the same way as blocking annoying users, since bots send automated information and behave as if they were other people who use the platform.


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