The 6 tips to share the best voice messages on WhatsApp

According to WhatsApp, approximately 7 billion voice messages are sent every day. (Goal)

Voice messages are part of the features of WhatsApp aimed at users so that they have more than one way to communicate with each other. The popularity of this function is so much that, daily, a total of 7 billion messages of this type, according to the app.

However, while it may seem convenient to press a button so you can start talking and then send the recordingthe use of this tool also requires consideration by the person who is going to receive it, since they will have to spend time listening to the message and then to answer it with another recording or writing.

That is why, to avoid causing inconvenience to the users who will receive the messages, here are some tips to send voice messages in a polite way and also thinking about the comfort of the people with whom you are speaking at the time of sending. .

Jo Bryant, an expert in professional etiquette, states that “sometimes we can forget the importance of etiquette in situations digital, and there are no official rules to guide us.” Here are some tips to be able to share these messages:

Voice messages on WhatsApp (WhatsApp)
Voice messages on WhatsApp (WhatsApp)

– The very long audios are not a good idea to communicate by WhatsApp. Although each person is free to choose the duration of the voice messages, the ideal is that they last between 1 and 2 minutes. It is convenient to use them when what is going to be said is too long to write and too short to make a call.

In cases where the audio is too long, WhatsApp enabled the option to be able to play a recording at higher speed (1.5 and 2 times).

– Before sending a very long recording, users can choose to send several short-lived separately when you have the weather enough for it and to respond to each one.

– The respect is key when sending a recording. While it is true that people often have hearing aids available, the possibility that a third person can hear what is being said, which can be uncomfortable for the user. Do not raise your voice excessively when recording the Audio helps maintain the privacy of the conversation.

The duration of the voice message to be sent must be taken into account.  A short recording, but not too long, helps to get a faster response.  (Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa)
The duration of the voice message to be sent must be taken into account. A short recording, but not too long, helps to get a faster response. (Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa) (Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/)

– Part of the reason why take into account the duration of the message of voice is because a very extensive recording prevents the audio receivers from being able to respond appropriately without forgetting the contents of each one and have to listen to it again to be able to answer.

– If one person sends a voice message, the other could answer in the same way through a recording. For this, short answers should be prioritized, but not so much that it is easily replaceable for a message or so long that a call be the best option.

– The respect to time of the other people is important because the user does not know if he will be available to be able to listen to an audio. In case they are needed, this could be resolved by coordinating a call or, in any case, waiting for a response as long as it takes.

You can also send voice messages hands-free in case other activities are going on while you multitask. To do this, hold down the microphone icon and slide your finger up to lock the recording. When you’re done, tap to send.


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