The absence of Lukashenko in public events raises questions about the health of the Belarusian dictator

Alexander Lukashenko (Sputnik/Reuters) (SPUTNIK/)

The absence of the Belarusian president, Alexander Lukashenkoin public events since May 9, the Day of the Soviet Victory over Nazi Germany, has fired the alarms about your health statusmore after a Russian deputy confirmed the day before that he “got sick.”

The head of state of Belarus was together with six other leaders of Central Asia and Armenia last Tuesday in Moscow to accompany the Russian president, Vladimir Putinon Red Square at the traditional Victory Day military parade.

However, did not attend the lunch offered the head of the Kremlin to their counterparts and he was the only leader who traveled to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in an electric car, despite being the monument just 300 meters away on foot.

The mandatary he left immediately after this act in which the leaders laid flowers on the grave, and in the afternoon in Minsk he participated in an act of commemoration of Victory Day in the Belarusian capital, but did not deliver any speech.

Since then nothing is known about the Belarusian president, not even where he is. The state agency BELTA and the press service of the Belarusian leader have remained silent.

Lukashenko at the military parade in Moscow (Sputnik/Reuters)
Lukashenko at the military parade in Moscow (Sputnik / Reuters) (SPUTNIK /)

On Saturday afternoon Euroradio listeners reported a motorcade at the medical center in Zhdanovichi, on the outskirts of Minsk.

According to this medium, the hospital entrances were blocked and security forces were deployed on the roads leading to the clinic.

Another means indicated that the caravan remained in the facilities for two hours.

Rumors about Lukashenko’s state of health intensified on Sunday, Day of the Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem of Belaruswhen the president did not appear to commemorate him.

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko delivered a speech in his place and read a message from the president.

On the same Sunday, the first deputy head of the Committee on Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) of the Russian Duma (Lower House), Konstantin Zatulin, finally confirmed that Lukashenko “just got sick”, but stressed that he got sick like any other person.

“Despite the fact that the man fell ill, he considered it his duty to go to Moscow, and then in the evening of the same day he held events in Minsk. You probably need to restthat’s all,” he said in an interview with the Russian newspaper Podiom.

As one of the Belarusian opposition leaders in exile, former Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko, assured on his YouTube channel on Sunday, Lukashenko has a severe viral infection.

He indicated that, specifically, he has “infectious allergic myocarditis”, according to the independent digital newspaper Zerkalo, registered outside of Belarus.

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