“The Academy is bought” by “the jokeless Santiago”: Judges save him and they are WORSE

Santiagothe same young man who agreed to use his ex-partner Isabela “by strategy” to fake a romance within ‘La Academia’ and who is compared to Rubí for his lack of talent as a singer, is now the favorite of the judges and the production of ‘La Academia’, or at least that is what the public on social networks accuses.

It happened after in ‘The Academy’, Myriam Montemayor With a question, he provoked the students to be honest and tell Santiago, to his face, that criticism favors him. So the production evidenced his comments and the judges went against them.

This resulted in alexander ach imposed a vow of silence on them, due to the “lack of camaraderie” with Santiago, whom they call “the no joke” on Twitter. In fact, on social networks they criticized the judges for confirming that they defend Santiago, which generates speculation about whether he is a darling of the production.

And if that was not enough, On the night of Sunday, July 17, it was announced that Santiago had been expelled from ‘La Academia’, but the judges and the director they agreed to be given one more week of opportunity “because he deserves it”.

This immediately generated reactions, as it stands out that IMMEDIATELY the judges and the director reacted in his favor.

So the public exploded, and in addition to the criticism against Santiago, they went over ‘The Academy’ for being “bought” for the benefit of the young man.

There are those who question how much they paid for favoritism to exist.

The obvious thing is that something is happening around Santiago, and the public is not happy, so much so, that he was the one with the fewest votes and that he should have come out if the rules of reality had been followed.

Some remember that Jacky did deserve another chance.

There are those who call for a boycott.