The all-time top scorer in Russian football condemned the invasion of Ukraine: “I don’t understand how this is possible”

Aleksandr Kerzhakov at Zenit (Epsilon/Getty Images) (Epsilon/)

the russian Alexander Kerzhakovthe all-time top scorer in Russian football and a former player for Zenit and Sevilla, spoke after emigrating abroad and spoke out against the invasion of Ukraine.

I don’t understand how this is possible. That in such a modern and developed society what is happening can happen”, he said in an interview with the well-known Russian sports journalist Nobel Arustamián.

Kerzhakov, who moved to Dubai at the end of last year, acknowledged during the interview: “I’m afraid”.

“In each interview when they asked me my greatest wish, the only thing I asked for was that there be no war. In the world at large,” she noted.

The striker-turned-coach admits that with each passing day better understand “the magnitude” of the problem which erupted in February 2022 with the beginning of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Alexander Kerzhakov (Michael Regan/FIFA via Getty Images) (Michael Regan – FIFA/)

“I can not understand it. Unfortunately, It does not fit in my head. I have tried, surely, to explain it to myself, but I cannot find answers, ”she explained.

That is why he decided to leave Russia, although he insists that it is not a question of fleeing or definitive emigration, but rather moving away temporarily and leaving his native country for a while.

Kerzhakov considers that those who, at this point, are in favor of military intervention will no longer change their mind, since it has happened “too much time”, although he thinks that what is more dangerous is that there are Russians who do not have an opinion on the matter and just survive.

Since he became coach, he has directed Pari NN from Nizhny Novgorod, Siberian Tom and Cypriot Karmiotissa, a bench he left last February.

Kerzhakov -historic scorer for Russian football (233), the national team (30 goals, along with Dzyuba) and Zenit (161)- was a three-time league champion with Zenit and won the UEFA Cup with Sevilla (2007). ).

Since the start of hostilities in Ukraine, only the striker Fyodor Smolov and the selector valeri karpin they had publicly demonstrated in favor of an end to the fighting.

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