The allegations about Galilea Montijo in the book ‘Emma and the other narco ladies’ are FALSE

Portals and journalists point out various inaccuracies and errors. They claim that the publisher and author are in a legal problem.

Through a strong video published on her Instagram account, which already has almost 2 million views, the HOY host generated a wave of reactions in her favor after denying any kind of ties to drug traffickers, as Anabel Hernández points out in his most recent book ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’.

Galilea Montijo also assured that she was not contacted at any time by the author or the publisher to corroborate the allegations made against her. In addition, in a column today in SDP, the journalist Javier Tejado reveals a series of erroneous data that increasingly take away more credibility to what Anabel Hernández has published.

Among the misleading information highlighted by the columnist is the author’s statement about the alleged campaign acts that Galilea would have carried out in 2021 for the Morenista mayor of Atizapán, Ruth Olvera, supposedly key to her re-election. The columnist also explains that the exclusive artists of Televisa are not allowed to carry out such acts, but even more importantly, the mayor did not manage to be reelected as the journalist says in the book, but the victory in the last elections was taken by Pedro Rodríguez Villegas, of the PAN-PRI-PRD collation.

Another accusation against Galilea that the columnist denies is the alleged public position of her husband, Fernando Reina, as Tonatiuh González’s alternate deputy to the Congress of Mexico City. Although Reina is an alternate deputy, he is from the Federal Congress, not from Mexico City and its head is Lázaro Jiménez. “By having checked the lists of elected deputies, which are on the INE’s online portal, I would have obtained the correct data,” writes Tejado and assures that both the author and the publisher Penguin Random House are in serious legal trouble. both in Mexico and in any other country where the book is on sale.

More and more calls are being made, both to the author and the publisher, to verify the sayings of the book and not to put the lives and future of celebrities and musical groups at risk with what was recently published.