The amazing appearance of Olivia Collins in a bikini at 64 years old (PHOTOS)

In addition to recently confessing that she had a deafness problem since she was young, Olivia Collins made headlines because she presumed that at 64 she has an impressive body that would only confirm that her beauty is eternal.

And it is that the actress recently posed on her Instagram account and showed a marked abdomen, shapely legs and a spectacular figure that few elderly women could boast.

Since her career began, Olivia has stood out for her talent and beauty, but over time she impresses by keeping herself intact. She now describes her life like this: “When you like yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself and accept yourself, how you feel inside you show yourself on the outside. Chronological age is on its own, but biological age can be greatly controlled by paying attention and being consistent with everything that makes us feel good and healthy. And don’t miss the intention or the attitude!”.

Of course, Olivia is not ashamed to say that she is an elderly woman and she proudly faces the passage of time: “I think I can still hold on, but I already know that age comes, and even if we wear thousands of things, age it is inevitable and you have to live it with dignity”.

Other elderly ladies think she is younger.

A few months ago, in an interview with TVyNovelas, she told us how she accepts age: “My attitude is that of a young woman and that helps me a lot; Sometimes I feel like I can even fly. I am aware that time passes and I have to do other types of roles, but I am delighted if they give me the characters of a mother or a grandmother, because I already am”.

What would you be willing to do to always be beautiful? To be healthy; The first thing is to be well inside to be able to reflect it. And although there are many alternative surgeries and treatments, age does not stop, what remains for us is to accept our wrinkles with dignity, and I prefer to do it with wisdom. This is the course of life, I am not willing to change my physiognomy to be younger, you have to have the prudence to know how far. Of course, I do not deny that we can resort to some little help that Botox gives us, but without abusing it, because there is no way to avoid the passage of time.

Doesn’t it freak you out to realize that you’re over 60? No, on the contrary. It happened to me that changing my driver’s license I went to the line for the elderly and the ladies who were there asked me to get out, that I was not old enough. So I took it with a lot of humor.

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