The apartment where Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend was staying caught fire and chaos broke out

Luisito Comunica regretted that his girlfriend had to go through the incident.

(Instagram @luisitocomunica)

One of the relatives of Arianny Tenorio, Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend, was rescued from the fire.

The girlfriend of Luisito Comunica, Arianna Tenorio, is having a very bad time. It turns out that through her social networks she shared that his family was at risk after a 12th floor apartmentwhere they were staying, It started to catch fire due to a fault in the air conditioning. which, apparently, was damaged. They had to be evacuated and one of his relatives fainted from the smoke.

Tenorio reported that the place they rented through a platform was completely burned after the incident. Fortunately, None of his family members were seriously injured..

“No shit, how are they going to rent shit like that?”

Arianna Tenorio.

“We rented an Airbnb and the entire apartment started to burn and I had to run downstairs with my niece,” wrote Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend in a video published in her stories. Then, in front of the camera, she added: “The firefighters arrived. I don’t know how we found out or how we got out of the apartment.”.

He explained that some of his sister’s belongings had been burned, but that was the only thing they lost, fortunately. After reporting the incident, she showed how the apartment looked while they took out their passports and any belongings they could salvage. “We are getting things out as best we can”said.

Luisito Comunica's girlfriend

Lusito Comunica’s girlfriend shared all the details of the fire on her Instagram account.


In a follow-up video, the girlfriend of Luisito Comunica He broke down in tears after the police arrived. He regretted renting that place, as it was not safe enough for his family. After hours of mobilization, he announced to his followers that they were safe in a hotel that they found by luck.

However, he commented that he had already reported the incident to the platform, but they have not given him an answer. Likewise, he thanked his lodging neighbors, who helped them throughout the incident. “Don’t fuck with me, how are they going to rent shit like that?” She said.

Luisito Comunica's girlfriend

Fortunately, no one was injured in the fire.


Luisito Comunica explodes against Airbnb due to the incident his girlfriend experienced

Luisito Comunica, who was not among those affected, also reacted to the incident experienced by Arianny Tenorio on her Instagram account. In the clip, she demanded a response from the platform.

Luisito Comunica

Luisito Comunica regretted that his girlfriend and her family had to go through the incident.

(Instagram @luisitocomunica)

“(It is) a scary story (…) Let this serve as a reflection for both parties, right? So many people who are considering renting Airbnb for their vacations. You totally depend on whether the other person set up the apartment; It can burn. (…) Right now, the owner of the Airbnb apartment is with the police facing legal charges because he put an entire family at risk”, he commented.

Tenorio said they were already looking for a new place to stay, since the company has not found them a new place.

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