The Apple-1 computer created by Steve Jobs and Wozniak is up for auction

Auction working model of the Apple-1 computer numbered by Steve Jobs. (macrumors)

Because of its importance in the history of the technologythe products of Manzanaespecially those of the first generation that are old but that maintain their functionality or are perfectly preserved in their packaging original, are some of the most coveted in houses of auctions.

In October of this year, what would be an edition of the first iphone still sealed in its original box, with the factory seal intact and in perfect condition for a price higher than the $39,000 to a collector, which represents the intention of people who wish to have in their possession a product like that.

However, in the next few days the list of products from Manzana that were auctioned could include a computer Apple-1the first model created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs in 1976 as part of a batch of 200 devices of which it is believed that there are between 60 and 70 left, which highlights the rarity and difficulty in finding one that is not only kept in optimal conditions, but is also functional.

Auction working model of the Apple-1 computer numbered by Steve Jobs.  (auction/capture)
Auction working model of the Apple-1 computer numbered by Steve Jobs. (auction/capture)

In the case of article 293, as the Apple-1 on the Web page auction house RR Auctionthis device not only has the ability to be functional, but is also numbered by Steve Jobs as number 78 of the production made by the company in 1976.

“This computer Apple-1 It was restored to its original operational state in June 2018 by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen,” the description of the product states. product. “The most notable aspect of this Apple-1 computer is that it is documented to be fully operational: the system it ran without failure for about eight hours on a Test exhaustive”.

In addition, it is indicated that the report of the condition technique categorizes its state of conservation in 8.5 of 10 and it has been certified that the numbering was done by Steve Jobs in person with a letter from authenticity.

Auction working model of the Apple-1 computer numbered by Steve Jobs.  (auction/capture)
Auction working model of the Apple-1 computer numbered by Steve Jobs. (auction/capture)

According to the website of the auction house of USAthe estimated price for the computer Apple-1 exceeds $375,500 and although for the moment the current offer is 219,615 dollars, the price is expected to rise considerably in the last days of the auction, which ends on December 15.

A case that could be a reference is that of iphone of the first generation that was sold by more than $39,000 since the price doubled in a period of less than 30 minutes during the last day of offers until it reached its price ending with which he became the device of its most expensive type ever.

At the moment, the price offered for the computer of Manzana is within the estimated range, between $130,000 and $815,000which depends on the unique history of the devicethe components that are included within the package and the condition.

The auction house indicates that the complete package of the device includes: the original Apple-1 plate numbered by Steve Jobs, a copy of the Apple Cassette Interface, an operation manual for the device, two Apple Cassette Interface manuals, a keyboard Vintage ASCII, a vintage Sanyo 4205 monitor, an Apple-1 power supply, and cassette interface cables.

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