The assumption of Javier Milei as president of Argentina in the main media of the world

The main newspapers in the world highlighted this Sunday in their online editions the presidential inauguration of the libertarian Javier Milei in Argentina.

The event was the main news in the newspapers O’Globo and Folha de San Paulo, the most important in Brazil. A reflection of the expectation and curiosity that the new president awakens in Argentina’s main trading partner.

“An ultraliberal takes office as the new president of the country and compares his arrival to power with the fall of the Berlin Wall”wrote Folhawhich in the headline highlights one of the phrases that Milei said in the speech he gave after the swearing-in before his followers gathered in front of Congress: “There is no money or other alternative for the Argentine economy than a shock.”

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

In a related opinion piece, Folha describes the new president as “a new step in the eternal tango of the Argentine refoundation”.

Instead, Or Globe focused on one of the phrases that Milei addressed to the legacy left by the outgoing government Alberto Fernandez and, more generally, the “political caste” that, according to him, is responsible for Argentine problems: “They have ruined our lives. “Our top priority is to avoid catastrophe.”.

“The president affirms that the country is in an emergency situation and that the solution will be a shock policy,” he writes. Or Globe.

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

In another note, the influential Brazilian media also highlights that Cristina Kirchner was booed upon arriving at Milei’s inauguration and the obscene gesture with which the former vice president responded. “The vice president attended the ceremony dressed in red, a color that refers to the left in Latin America,” the outlet observed.

Another country neighboring Argentina that is closely watching the steps of the libertarian president is Uruguay. The news of Milei’s inauguration and speech occupied the front page of The country.

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

The newspaper, the oldest and most influential in Uruguay, also highlighted a phrase that Milei launched to warn about the inheritance received by the previous government: “’Milei said that they leave him with inflation of 15,000% annually, he announced that ‘the situation is going to get worse’ and proposed shock measures,’” the newspaper wrote.

The country He also highlighted the “rude” gesture of Cristina Kirchnerwhile another analysis note asks if some of the measures proposed by Milei, such as dollarizing or eliminating ministries, can be applied in Uruguay.

The Observer, the other most influential newspaper in Uruguay, also gave extensive coverage to Milei’s inauguration, to which it dedicated a large part of its cover. The newspaper wrote that “Milei pointed to the Kirchnerist heritage, she warned of a hyper and advanced a strong adjustment.”

In Europe Milei’s inauguration was also the main news this Sunday.

The country of Spain, one of the most influential Spanish-language media in the world, led its edition with Milei’s phrase: “There is no possible alternative to the adjustment, there is no money.”

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

In other notes, the newspaper analyzes the new cabinet of the libertarian president: it will be “small, heterodox, veteran and with more men than women,” it writes; The newspaper also reviews the main challenges of the new government, including a “serious economic crisis” and the fact that he will be in the minority in Congress.

In another article, the newspaper also draws a devastating assessment of the outgoing government: Alberto Fernandezwrites, “leaves the presidency with Argentina on the verge of economic collapse”.

For its part, the newspaper The worldthe other most important newspaper in Spain, highlighted that Milei announced a “very severe adjustment” at his inauguration, also highlighting that the new president “has not given the usual speech before the Legislative Assembly and has addressed the crowd gathered at the doors of the National Congress building.”

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

In another analysis article, the conservative newspaper writes that “Argentina embarks on a journey into the unknown” and that “the new president will have to combat galloping inflation in recent weeks with harsh adjustments.”

In Francethe conservative The Figaro also It opens its edition with the news of Milei’s inauguration. According to the influential French newspaper, however, “Having been sworn in as president, Javier Milei has lowered his ambitions for change”.

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

“His program has undergone substantial changes and his tone has softened considerably since his election,” he writes. Le Figaro.

For its part, Le Monde headlined that “newly sworn in as president, Javier Milei promises ‘a shock, an adjustment’.” “The new president promises ‘a new era’ despite the ‘worst legacy’ left to any government,” writes the French newspaper.

Milei’s inauguration was the main news of the day also in Italywhere he Corriere della Sera, The most influential and widely read newspaper in the country, opened its online edition with the libertarian president’s phrase: “There is no money, the shock will be inevitable.”

Newspapers of the world Asunción Javier Milei

In an analysis note, titled “For whom Milei’s chainsaw resonates: the Argentine alarm challenges us,” the Milanese newspaper writes that “The man with the chainsaw also threatens us. Populism is neither dead nor tamed; is more alive than ever, and comes to power in the country that most resembles us, which is our image reflected and inverted in the mirror: Argentina. Brazil wanted to experiment with Jair Bolsonaro; Argentina will do the same with Javier Milei. A strange populist who mixes the revolt against the elites, the establishment, the institutions, the traditional parties, even the Central Bank, with an economic hyperliberalism that could revitalize the country, but also give it the final blow.”

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