The attitude of Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend Clara Chía Martí who in Spain judge Shakira as a provocation

As if it were a series, chapters of the series appear daily. scandalous separation of Shakira and Gerard Piquealthough the focus of the story usually changes due to the footballer’s relationship with Clara Chia Marti, who is 13 years younger than the Barcelona defender. Far from prejudice and without playing hide and seek, the brand new couple is already shown without hesitation and now she was seen in a restaurant, but when meeting with other relatives in Spain they took it as a provocative gesture towards the Colombian singer.

It is that the bride and groom went to an exclusive gastronomic place specialized in Japanese food called 99 Sushi Bar, to which the 35-year-old defender used to go with Shakira and her children. The premises are located in the Turó Park area, a green lung in the Upper Diagonal.

It was at a dinner on Monday that Gerard and Clara shared with people they trust. While he approached to say hello, she did not take her eyes off him and spoke with those close to her partner. They were located in a reserved area behind a curtain, but the image was eloquent. In the video recorded by four a dayPiqué is seen greeting a person and according to the chronicle, among others were his teammate in the culé team, Jordi Alba And his wife, Romarey Ventura.

According to the chronicler of the aforementioned medium, the couple regularly attends the premises. “They got out of the car, each one through their door and entered the restaurant… they weren’t even holding hands, or anything, they were going with a normal attitude,” said a witness.

In addition, the neighbor of the area revealed that this can bother Shakira a lot: “It is the first time that I see them together, but Piqué had already come many times with Shakira and her children, and he has also come alone. He usually comes quite a lot and walks around the neighborhood a lot”.

It was another testimony of which the couple is shown publicly. They already did it in another restaurant in a photo that would have been in February, which would confirm that they were together before Piqué and Shakira announced their separation at the beginning of June. She then was seen at a recital in which the young woman and the defender were kissing, and then at a friend’s wedding.

Piqué first wanted to have a low profile with his relationship with Clara and even asked his entourage to help him unsubscribe from the young woman’s social networks. But she just opened a new Instagram and the footballer is one of the people who follows her and was exposed. In addition, he confirmed the veracity of that profile.

While Clara would have already moved to Piqué’s single apartment on Muntaner street, very close to Plaza Adrià, in Barcelona. An area where she also used to frequent a lot with Shakira and her children, Sasha and Milan.

Piqué follows Clara Chía Martí on her new Instagram account (@jmartin_ibz)

It should be remembered that there is a conflict between Shakira and Piqué over the possession of their children and that although they had reached an agreement for the boys to move with their mother to Miami, the father would have backed down with his position. If the issue is not resolved, the dispute would go to trial.

This is in addition to the property division. Although Shakira and Piqué did not marry, during the twelve years they were together they bought two properties and there is also a $20 million private jet.

Shakira and Piqué announced their separation in early June. It was after a Disneyworld, in which Piqué asked for ‘time because he was overwhelmed with the companies’, ”said the paparazzi Jordi Martin in his participation in the TV show Summer Program (Telecinco). “Shakira tells her ‘don’t worry because I have to go to the United States for 17 days to record’”, but then the artist realized that things were not going well.

However, Shakira proposed couples therapy, something that Piqué rejected. When the Colombian warned that the separation was unavoidable, she hired private detectives who would have prepared a report that would put the soccer player in check.

While Gerard, also according to the aforementioned chronicler and paparazzi, met Clara when she was the girlfriend of the brother of a friend of his, who worked in Cosmos, the footballer’s event organizer. She, who is studying public relations, started working at the firm instead of her former partner who was fired by Piqué.


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