“The bad news is that I am injured and need surgery”: CM Punk announced his temporary retirement from the ring

CM Punk is injured and requires surgery. (Photo: All Elite Wrestling)

In full transmission of the stellar event in the AEW Rampage in Ontario, CM Punk announced his temporary retirement from the ring due to injury. The same that forces him to undergo surgery as soon as possible, however the fighter did not rule out his return once he recovers.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke into the microphone before her supporters, telling them she had good news and bad news for them. “The bad news is that I am injured and need surgery. A couple of things are broken. The biggest is my heart because there is nothing I love more than performing for all of you, and I wanted to go to a big race. That’s the bad news,” CM Punk commented to the AEW Rampage audience.

On the other hand, the good news within the bitter speech is that the fighter mentioned that he can still do what he is most passionate about. He said inspired by events that he has faced before, because he has always come back after worse things.

“This is a bump in the road. Hurts. It hurts like hell. I want to fight for you.”

CM Punk vs. John Cena (Photo: Twitter@WWE__History)
CM Punk vs. John Cena (Photo: Twitter@WWE__History)

Punk he described his injury as a broken “wheel”. And he said he plans to come back bigger, faster, stronger and hungrier than ever.

The statement shocked those present because “The Best In the World“had just defeated”hangmanAdam Page last May 29 in Double or Nothing 2022. He was in a low mood and despite this he gave hope to his fans, promising that he would be back to fight for the World Championship. But during his absence an interim champion will be crowned.

The full statement is on video through the official Instagram account of All Elite Wrestling, where do you see a CM Punk shattered dressed in neutral sportswear, but proudly wearing his gold championship belt.

Punk, who belonged to the ranks of Ring of Honor (ROH), Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA), does not compete within the fighting circuit from the Royal Rumble from 2014; after that presentation, she left the World WrestlingEntertainment. In November of that year he indicated, in the podcast Art of Wrestling of colt cabana, that the doctor Chris Amman acted negligently when evaluating his injuries in WWE.

CM Punk WWE Champion
CM Punk after beating John Cena at MITB 2011. The heads-up was listed as a five-star fight for journalist Dave Meltzer. (Photo: WWE)

the self-appointed Best in the World He also dabbled in mixed martial arts. He signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championshipbut fell in his two interventions in the octagon: at UFC 203 and 225 against mickey gall Y Michael Jacksonrespectively.

In November 2019, he obtained a contract for FOX to be one of the participants in the program WWE Backstage. Prior to his return to pro wrestling, he worked as an MMA analyst and as an actor; he was featured as the lead in the film curse on the third floor and participated in heelsseries starring Stephen Amell.

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