The band Pink Floyd came to TikTok with their popular songs

Former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour

pink floyd announced that he joined the platform TikTok for the first time. The band made its debut on the social network with the publication of two videos of two greatest hits and in a few minutes it had more than 14 thousand followers.

The first clip shows a rotating pyramid set to the rhythm of “Respira” (breathe), a song from the album “The dark side of the moon(The Dark Side of The Moon) thrown out in 1973. The song alludes to the way of life in which one works without stopping or taking a break, in a continuous wheel without meaning. A fragment of the letter says the following:

Make a hole, forget about the Sun

And when the job is finally done

Don’t sit down, it’s time to start another one.

And it begins with the phrase “breathe” as an invitation to take a break to stop and reflect.


#pinkfloyd #TDSOTM50 #TDSOTM #fyp

♬ Breathe (In the Air) – Pink Floyd

The second post corresponds to a video in which his iconic song “Another brick in the wall” plays in the background (Another Brick in the Wall). The topic is divided into three parts. In each of them, the protagonist recounts different events in his life that led him to separate himself from the world, to place “another brick” in that virtual wall that was separating him from the environment.

In the second part, which is the fragment published on TikTok, he focuses on the difficult days he spent at school in which the teachers exercised “thought control”, referring to the excessive control he had to endure. A modality that the author believes threatens the development of individuality and creativity, as evidenced in the images of the original video clip and in the fragment broadcast on the social network.

The third clip is set to music with the song “Learning to fly” (learning to fly), released in 1987. The posting is accompanied by the phrase: “Pink Floyd has arrived.”


Pink Floyd has arrived #pinkfloyd #anotherbrickinthewall #fyp

♬ Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2 – Pink Floyd

With these posts, the musicians made their big landing on the short video platform. Now, you can access the official sounds of the legendary band and each of the songs from the 15 Pink Floyd studio albums. Thus, TikTok users can explore the themes to make their own video creations with those songs.

The arrival of the legendary English band on the platform includes, in addition to the aforementioned songs, other great hits such as “Dinero” (Money), “Placidly paralyzed (Comfortably Numb) YWish you were here(Wish You Were Here), among many others.

In addition to being featured in the TikTok Sound Library, the group will use the platform to regularly post exclusive video content.

May 30 also marked an important milestone in Pink Floyd history, celebrating 50 years since the band entered the studio to begin recording their aforementioned Dark Side of the Moon album..

sydbarrett 1
The original group Pink Floyd, (from left to right) Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Syd Barrett and Richard Wright (Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images) (Hulton Deutsch/)

Pink Floyd united to denounce the invasion of Ukraine

It should be remembered that after almost three decades without creating new original music, the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd rejoined in April this year to support Ukraine. They did it without their original bassist Roger Waters, with whom they haven’t played since Live 8 in 2005.

The guitarist, singer and leader of the band, David Gilmour, managed to meet with drummer Nick Mason, the other original member of Pink Floyd alive, and finish forming the ensemble with bassist Guy Pratt and composer Nitin Sawhney, to create the song Hey Hey Rise Uproyalties from which will be donated to the UN Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

The group recorded the song along with a music video, which features Mason playing a drum set that has a painting by Ukrainian artist Maria Primachenko on it.


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