The beautiful words of Humberto Zurita to remember Christian Bach

May 9 would have been Christian Bach’s birthday and the actor Humberto Zurita did not contain the nostalgia of the date and wrote emotional words to him.

Actress Christian Bach died on February 26, 2019 at the age of 59. Now, Humberto Zurita, who was her husband, remembered her in a very emotional way on social networks for her birthday.

Year after year, through photographs, Zurita remembers his wife on her birthday (May 9) and her death anniversary, accompanied by beautiful words that express how much he misses her and how much she is missing in his family.

May 9 would have been Christian Bach’s birthday and the actor did not contain the nostalgia of the date, so he sent his congratulations to his wife, remembering that they will always love her.

How to wish you a happy birthday if you are no longer here. Your dates no longer coincide between that sad and gray day of your departure with the May 9th in which you were born; moonlight and radiant sun. “Natural” cycles that you fulfilled on time and with the same discipline and punctuality that always made you unique and so special,” the actor wrote.

With beautiful words, the actor paid tribute to his wife, assuring that she is now “stardust that illuminates the shadows of the earth”.

On the other hand, the Zurita family has remained reserved regarding the causes of death of Christian Bach; the eldest of her children once revealed that her mother had been diagnosed with a fatal disease but it was the actress who decided to keep it private.

Currently the three Zurita actors are working and reaping achievements outside and inside the recording sets.