The beginner error of a Flamengo defender that gave the Copa Libertadores to Palmeiras

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In an attractive match, the final of the Libertadores Cup it reached the extension. Palmeiras and Flamengo they tied 1-1 in regular time, so the definition was stretched until extra time. Finally, the victory – and the title – went to the São Paulo team, after a serious error by the defender Andreas pereira that facilitated the way to Deyverson to score the winning goal 2-1.

It was four minutes into the first overtime when Andreas pereira received a back pass from David Luiz. The Belgian-born footballer mishandled the ball and lost to strong pressure from Deyverson. The one from Flamengo was thrown on the floor while his rival went at full speed in the direction of the goal and was hand in hand with Diego Alves. The Palmeiras attacker did not hesitate: he defined low and, although the ball was slightly deflected in the goalkeeper’s body, the shot was destined for the net. It was the 2-1 that unleashed the madness of the fans of the Verdao in the stands of the Centenario stadium in Montevideo.

But, who is the 25-year-old player whose failure defined the final of the Copa Libertadores? Andreas Pereira is the son of a former Brazilian footballer and was born in Belgium, while his father played in that country. Since he was a boy he was wanted by several clubs in England, but finally signed by him Manchester United in 2011. His official debut with the Red Devils It was in 2014, but it never managed to settle and two years later it began to be given loans to different clubs. First went to grenade, then Valencia and finally played a season in the Lazio. In 2021 it reached Flamengo with a loan until mid-2022, when he must return to England.

Despite that mistake that he will surely go over in his head over and over again, Andreas Pereira had an acceptable performance. Coach Renato Gaucho He decided to take it out when five minutes into the second half of the extension had gone so that Pedro could enter in his place. The television cameras managed to reflect the gesture of disappointment on the midfielder’s face, saddened by that action in which he had an unfortunate role.

With this 2-1 victory against Flamengo, Palmeiras became champion of the Copa Libertadores for the third time in its history and for the second consecutive edition. Raphael veiga opened the account in the first time and Gabigol equaled the score in complement. Already in the extension, the mentioned both of Deyverson gave the title to Verdao.


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