The best recommendations to select your new cell phone this Black Friday

According to the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications, in Colombia there are 1.2 mobile lines for each inhabitant, a figure that reveals the panorama of cell phone use, making it the number one device for people.

For this reason, many take advantage of the e-commerce discount seasons to acquire the latest generation cell phone, since the developments of large technology companies on a global scale are being generated rapidly by the same market needs.

This November 26 is Black Friday, a day that began in the United States and that has been adopted in almost every country in the world to deliver offers on products and services prior to Christmas. The discounts start this Friday but extend until next Monday, November 29, although many businesses in Colombia will extend their commercial proposals until next December 2.

As Black Friday is one of the commercial events that most encourages consumption, being one of the most anticipated by all Colombians, most have plans to acquire a next-generation smartphone, but dozens arrive in the decision process of the device of doubts because they all deliver different characteristics and few manage to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Bearing this in mind, in infobae we present three latest generation devices, with technological balance and design with features that can work for your daily tasks.

These tips will allow you to make a faster decision to take advantage of the Black Friday season, since the cell phones that we are going to recommend have specialized characteristics for each user. Keep in mind that these work with the Android operating system and Google services, so there is no problem to use any application or platform.

vivo has a Family Y smartphone, designed for each member of the family

The international brand vivo has grown in the Colombian market, which is why it has presented its new line of smartphones ‘Familia Y’, which promises to be a very interesting option because each device is designed for certain functions of daily life, so that delivers a balance between technology, performance, camera and price.

Y21s cell phone alive

We start with the Y21S, this stands out for being a cell phone with a very elegant and slim design, it has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, with fast charging, to have it active for up to two days depending on its use.

The device has a Multiturbo function which will make performance very fast, even with many applications open; a compelling reason to use it at work and study.

Regarding the lock, the Y21S has a side fingerprint sensor, which allows a much faster unlocking to respond in time to any emergency or notification of work and classes.

Live cell Y53s

The second device is the Y53S that is designed for young people and adults who opt for photographic performance, as this reference has a 64 MP main camera and functions such as eye autofocus and night mode that will allow taking high-quality photographs in the absence of light.

The Y53S has a 5000 mAh battery and 33W fast charge, which will allow a 70 percent charge in 41 minutes. This development of vivo means that each user has the cell phone active for up to two days, regardless of the tasks they perform.

If we talk about photography, this denotes that many applications with images and video are used, which is why it is necessary a team that does not stay still or that the cell phone overheats. With this need of users, the Y53S stands out for its fluidity and power, as it has 8GB RAM that can be expanded up to 12GB, allowing a greater capacity in the management of the phone. In addition, a suitable cooling system so that the mobile does not overheat.

Vivo Y33s cell phone

Finally, we recommend an exclusive design for children and young people who like to get the full potential of a phone, it is the Y33S, the smartphone of the Y Family that stands out the most for its performance.

It has a Multiturbo 5.0 function, a much more powerful version that optimizes cell phone applications. This device features a brighter and more vivid color design.

At the audiovisual level, the Y33S has a 50MP triple camera and autofocus functions that will be ideal for capturing photos and videos no matter if you are on the move.

The arrival of this ‘Family Y’ is timely on Black Friday, where there are hundreds of offers in technology and you are a little undecided before so many options.

The devices will be available in the main commerce platforms, department stores, stores of the telephone operators and in e-commerce platforms. So it will be very easy to access these options that are appropriate for Christmas gifts and designed for each member of the family.


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