“The best thing would be for him to leave”: Azela Robinson’s position on Carmen Salinas

Azela Robinson made controversial statements about the state of her artistic godmother, Carmen Salinas (Photos: Instagram @azelarobinson / @ carmensalinas_56)

Carmen Salinas placeholder image remains in a coma after a week of having a brain hemorrhage, so Azela Robinson, artistic goddaughter of the 82-year-old actress, assured that the best thing is that she reunite with your deceased son.

The ficheras film actress, Carmelite Salinas, is still hospitalized in the hospital StarMedica and his family reported that he is still in a natural coma, although they do not lose hope that he can wake up.

However, there are those who believe that the producer of Adventuress You should already rest after this difficult moment of your life; Azela Robinson was the one who gave her honest opinion regarding the current situation of which she was her godmother in the cinema.

Carmen Salinas placeholder image
The ficheras film actress was Azela’s godmother when she began to act for the big screen (Photo: Cuartoscuro) (Iván Stephens /)

For microphones Today, the actress of The soulless said that she believed that the best thing for Salinas today is that pass away, because if she wakes up from her coma, the consequences produced by the cerebral hemorrhage would not allow her to return to her old life, something that would cause Carmen great sadness.

“I want you to go away in peace, to go away happy, to go away in peace. To meet his loved ones, like his son, like El Chatito. I believe that (for) Carmen it would be best if he left because what he has is very serious, and she is not happy if she is not workingIf she does not have communication with the press, the press that she has loved so much, that she has pampered so much, then if she cannot have that, It is better that I go to another plane and be happy thereRobinson commented.

Despite her crude opinion, she shared the most emotional moments she lived with the ficheras film actress, since she accompanied her at the beginning of her career and was the one who baptized her when she entered the cinema, although her experience was not the best.

Azela Robinson
The actress commented that if Carmelita cannot communicate with the press as before, the best thing is for her to find her happiness in the afterlife (Photo: Instagram / @ azelarobinson)

“She was my godmother in the movies, when they loved you she baptized me in a shower and he almost drowned me, he gave me a good slap and kick in the buttocks ”, the actress recalled.

Carmen Salinas was hospitalized last November 10 at night after staff who cleaned her house found her passed out in his house. Without any previous symptoms, the actress would have had dinner and was resting after her workday, as explained by her daughter Carmen Plascencia and her nephew Gustavo Briones.

The status of the actress Beautiful at night continues as reported a week ago, remains in a natural coma and with respiratory aid.

Despite the fact that her family members have received the press daily to give their report about the Carmelita, various theories have emerged on social networks about the histrionisa’s health; Some Internet users have assured that Salinas suffers from brain death, that the coma was due to the COVID-19 vaccine and others have indicated that he has even died.

Source: Come Joy
Her relatives reported that, after a week in hospital, Carmen Salinas’ health status continues to be the same (Photo: screenshot / Twitter)

Before these versions, mainly his daughter and granddaughter, Carmen Plascencia, have denied this information. Due to the confusion that arose about whether the actress suffered a stroke or a hemorrhage, Plascencia clarified that there is no distinction in what her name is, since both conditions would be the same.

“Stroke is a colloquial term, hemorrhage is the correct term. My grandmother had a brain stem hemorrhage, many people say she had a stroke; however, there is no difference, the damage is the same ”, he said.

Gustavo Briones also shared with the press that Eugenio Derbez He contacted him to offer his help for whatever Carmelita Salinas and her family might need.


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