The Bishop of Solsona married the erotic novel writer three months after resigning from office

The bishop of Solsona and his partner, after getting married on Monday in Suria. (@ plantabaixatv3)

Xavier Novell said “Yes, I want”. Silvia Caballol, “Yes”. Xavier and Silvia closed the Monday in the afternoon the last episode of a crazy love story so far: a bishop who abandons his post in the Church and an erotic novel writer who fell in love after meeting in a course on Satanism.

The exclusive was given by the program Baixa plant [Planta baja] of TV3, the Catalan regional television. Novell and Caballol went to the court in the Barcelona town of Suria on Monday 22 in the afternoon, after 7:00 p.m., where the justice of the peace married them.

At that time and on that day the court is usually closed. But The former bishop of the diocese of Solsona asked Judge Jaume Bransuela to make an exception and open the facilities outside of official hours to marry them in secret. In addition, it was the time he could go because it is when he has just worked in his new position in an artificial insemination company for pigs. Novell is an agricultural engineer by training.

It was a very normal wedding”Bransuela said before the television cameras. Smiling for being “the first to have married a bishop,” he said that the couple held hands during the 30-minute ceremony. Along with the new marriage, two witnesses: the mother of the bride and her partner.

former spanish bishop xavier novell and the writer Silvia Caballol
The former Spanish bishop Xavier Novell and the writer Silvia Caballol, leaving the court after getting married.

This story began last August. On the 23rd, Novell informed the Vatican of his resignation from the diocese of Solsona for “personal reasons.”. A few weeks later it was learned that these “personal reasons” were nothing more than his relationship with Silvia Caballol, a writer of an erotic and satanic novel, a psychologist by training, divorced and with two children.

After his resignation, the bishop emeritus of Solsona He moved to the town of Manresa to live with his partner. There he has lived with discretion and the few episodes about his life have been known by dropper. One day, she had asked for time to get married; another, who had gotten a job in a multinational pig fertilization company. Now, that the wedding.

From the Church, underground, various accusations against Novell have leaked. Above all, that had been possessed by the devil during his relationship with Caballol.

What is known is that Novell has made a long life journey. He began his religious career in the progressive wing of the Church. As reported by Infobae, In 1995, Novell participated in the so-called Tarraconense Council, a meeting of Catalan religious, where he became known as “l’enfant terrible” of the Catalan Churches. Then he was a defender of ending celibacy, of the priesthood of women …

His change came after passing through the Gregorian University (Rome), where his progressive postulates were left behind and he began, adds Vidal, his path to more intransigent positions. “It was Talibanized”, as explained by the religious information expert José Manuel Vidal, director of Digital Religion.

former spanish bishop xavier novell and the writer Silvia Caballol
The former Spanish bishop Xavier Novell and the writer Silvia Caballol, on Monday upon their arrival at the court in Suria.

His landing on the hard wing of the Church won him the favor of the former Cardinal Primate of Spain, Rouco Varela. Rouco was the one who bet on him and promoted him to the head of the Bishopric of Solsona.

Novell also participated in the calls “Reconversion therapies” to treat homosexuality, a practice expressly prohibited by the Church.

Caballol is, for her part, the author of books such as Amnesia Trilogy: Passion and Madness (Ediciones Lacre), a text “not suitable for minors under 18 years of age, as it contains explicit scenes of sex, mistreatment, domination, abuse of power and foul language. Refrain from reading it people with a high moral sensitivity ”, or from Hell in Gabriel’s lust. The first original sin against being (Albores Editions).


Xavier Novell, the bishop of Solsona who resigned for love of a psychologist who wrote an erotic novel