The bombing signing that David Faitelson proposed for Chivas in 2022

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(Video Courtesy: ESPN)

Between the Mexico‘s most popular teams are the Chivas from Guadalajara. The greatness of the club constantly calls for titles to be lifted and maintained in the first places in the league. Recently the numbers have not accompanied history and the team is forced to innovate in its template to climb the rungs. The eternal dilemma of Chiverío goes through hire only high-quality Mexican footballers. The market is limited but not scarce.

Thus, David faitelson proposed that a MLS star come to reinforce the Sacred Flock. The signing that the journalist proposed on this occasion is not Javier Hernandez, as many would believe. On the contrary it would be a rival of Chicharito, Carlos candle.

The militant of the Los Angeles Football Club will be free agent and will be available from any contract in the month of January. The Quintana Roo will be unleashed from any club and offers from different parts of the world have already arrived to know the conditions that Candle will ask to sign with some institution.

David Faitelson asked Chivas to hire Carlos Vela (Photos: Instagram @ signingsalotico // Club Deportivo Guadalajara)

For its part, Faitelson shared: “Sailing’s contract with Los Angeles ends on December 31, 2021. He is analyzing the possibilities of leaving MLS. Carlos Vela’s natural destination, at this age and at this stage of his career, it would be with the Chivas. It’s not that I’m a promoter but the team needs players of that level“Added the journalist.

Also, the communicator continued to flatter the player of 33 years old and he assured that Vela’s salary, although it is high, the people of Guadalajara would have to make an economic effort through a partner or sponsor.

They tell me it’s impossible. It is true that the figure that Vela wins seems distant from what is perceived in Mexican soccer. It is distant but in Mexico it also pays quite well. Amaury Vergara should make an effort and find the economic mechanism to bring it. I know what Chivas needs and requires from a player like Carlos Vela. He can change the team’s horizon and it is the opportunity to repatriate him, it is the moment to do it ”.

Carlos Vela Photo Twitter @LAFC
Carlos Vela will be released from the club in January 2022 (Photo: Twitter / @ LAFC)

Remember that Charlie came out of the basic forces of the Flock. He never made his debut in the first division of the Mexican league. Its presentation occurred 16 years ago, when the Mexican Soccer Team under-17 achieved the world championship in Peru 2005. From that moment on, the Premier League Arsenal He noticed the Mexican and was hired by the Gunners.

Due to the restrictions of the English league, the 17-year-old could not play directly with the team of London and was given to Salamanca of the second division from Spain and, later, with Osasuna, where he debuted in the highest La Liga circuit in the Iberian nation.

For the moment, the Jalisco team will have to face the playoff phase against the Camoteros of Puebla. If they achieve victory, they will enter the league in the quarterfinals and will be able to aspire to the championship. Miguel Ponce, defender of the Guadalajara team, affirmed at a press conference that only the championship would save the step taken by the team led by Marcelo Michel Leaño: “What would save the tournament is being champions, making a good Liguilla ”, he responded at a press conference.


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