The book “Celebrations and Ceremonies” shows more than 50 celebrations and popular traditions of the State

Show tradition, popular or religious culture from a representative photograph

The wealth of festivals of saints, celebration of virgins, popular traditions and ceremonies is very extensive and can be seen in neighborhoods, communities, neighborhoods or municipal seats of each municipality in our state, this is evidenced by the book “Fiestas y Ceremonias, legado de memory and devotion ”, by the Potosino photographer Eduardo Meade del Valle, who is accompanied in the research and texts by Dr. Eduardo Saucedo Sánchez, director of the Museo Regional Potosino.

“Without a doubt, it is a very significant and colorful document, which shows tradition, popular or religious culture from a representative photograph, accompanied by an investigation documented by Dr. Saucedo from INAH,” said Daniel García Álvarez de la Llera, Director of Culture Municipal, when the book was presented at the Municipal Palace Cultural Center.

Dr. Frances Paola Garnica, anthropologist and researcher at the Colegio de San Luis, presented the book, which stood out as a fundamental piece to show Potosí festivals and ceremonies, the result of putting photography and anthropology into action, the exchange of knowledge where the subjects are actively included, “one as a reader and observer of the same seems to be in the present party,” he said.

Eduardo Saucedo, who was the researcher and was in charge of writing the texts, added that the work is the result of more than three years of an exhaustive process, in which the Ranman company from Potosi also participates.

The photographer Eduardo Meade announced that the process of professional photography of three decades has led him to know hundreds of social and community events, a party that is different from others, or similar to each other, where he has not stopped being Present American or Spanish influence.
The photographer Eduardo Meade pointed out that the photographic base of the book consists of at least 10,000 total photographs, which in the end was left in a synthesis effort in about 500.