The book ‘From Villanueva to Japan’ is presented at the Tlaxcala House of Culture

The Secretary of Culture of the State Government, through the House of Culture of the Tlaxcala neighborhood, will present this Saturday, May 13 at 10:00 a.m. in the Multiple Use Room of the CCBT, the book “From Villanueva to Japan ” by Doctor Ángel Salas Alfaro, as part of the cultural activities that are organized to promote culture, the arts and a love of reading in the Magical District.

With this activity, the Government policy headed by Ricardo Gallardo Cardona is followed up, to promote the habit of reading, literary creation, publication and dissemination of artistic works.

The activities carried out by the House of Culture of the Tlaxcala neighborhood also seek to promote coexistence and knowledge about the life of the founders of the neighborhood and their transit through it.

This talk is a second talk for natives and residents of the neighborhood, to share and exchange anecdotes about it, as well as their academic and family journey, how their growth and contribution as inhabitants of the same neighborhood have been.

The general public is invited to participate and come to the events of the Casa de Cultura, located at road number 883 in the Magical District of Tlaxcala.