The British Foreign Minister travels to China to strengthen communication channels between the two countries

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly in Amman, Jordan, July 27, 2023. REUTERS/Alaa Al Sukhni/File (ALAA AL SUKHNI/)

The British Foreign Secretary, James Cleverley, travels to China this Wednesday to strengthen communication channels with the Asian country and address its obligation in terms of human rightsThe UK government reported on Tuesday.

On this visit, the first by a Foreign Office minister in more than five years, Cleverly is scheduled to meet with the director of China’s Foreign Office of the Central Commission, wang yiand the vice president Han Zhengthe ministry said in a statement.

The note stresses that issues such as climate change cannot be addressed without China, taking into account that it is the The world’s largest investor in sustainable energy and the largest carbon emitter.

Cleverly hopes to signal to Chinese representatives that China’s global importance comes with its responsibility in international security, so it can help end Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A huge flag of China in Hong Kong.  Europa Press/Contact/Michael Ho Wai Lee/File
A huge flag of China in Hong Kong. Europa Press/Contact/Michael Ho Wai Lee/File (Europa Press/Contact/Michael Ho/)

In addition, the minister will highlight the erosion of autonomy, rights and freedoms in the former British colony of Hong Kong.

“It is important that we manage our relationship with China through a number of issues. No significant global problem – from climate change to pandemic prevention, from economic instability to nuclear proliferation – can be solved without China,” Cleverly said in the note.

“China’s size, history and global importance mean it cannot be ignored, but with that comes a responsibility on the global stage. That responsibility means that China abides by its international commitments and obligations,” she added.

The minister visited the Philippines on Tuesday, as part of the government’s strategy to strengthen ties with the Indo-Pacific region.

Cleverly’s visit to China will take place after his US counterpart, Anthony Blinkenlast June.

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