The Calzada de Guadalupe shines with the art of the Monumental Skulls created by inhabitants of the entire Capital

Mayor Enrique Galindo inaugurated the exhibition of these works, which were created by artists representing various colonies of San Luis Potosí

As part of the celebrations for the Day of the Dead, Mayor Enrique Galindo Ceballos inaugurated the exhibition of Monumental Skulls on Calzada de Guadalupe, turning this city road into an art corridor in which creativity is demonstrated and the talent of the citizens of the different neighborhoods and neighborhoods: “Today we are taking the Calzada de Guadalupe as a space for artistic expression, as a space through which we are beginning to rescue traditions and seeing new traditions like this one born.”

“This is how a city is built, with the hand, the talent and the vision of everyone, and that is the most beautiful thing about all this, that not only the government does it, but we do it together” Mayor Enrique Galindo said.

On a tour from the Caja del Agua to the Sanctuary of Guadalupe, the municipal president heard from the voice of the creators the way in which they made the representative skulls of their residential areas.

“You have to enjoy the city, you have to live it, and we all have the right to this type of city, a city that is alive, a city that vibrates,” said the municipal president of La Capital del Sí.

At the end of the tour of the exhibition of skulls on the Calzada de Guadalupe, Mayor Enrique Galindo walked through the multicolored rugs that students from the Cuauhtémoc University, the Technological Institute of San Luis Potosí and the University of the Valley of Mexico formed with sawdust, who They reflected in their works commemorative passages of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, which give life to the Zaragoza Passage.

The municipal president explained that the display of monumental skulls and multicolored sawdust rugs that adorn the entire Pasaje Zaragoza, from the Tangamanga market to the Plaza de Armas, are part of the activities to celebrate the city’s anniversary.