The cause of death of Raquel Welch, the “sex symbol” of Hollywood, is revealed

Just over a month the unfortunate death of raquel welchthe sex symbol who acted in tapes as ‘Fantastic Voyage’ and ‘One Million Years BC’, revealed the cause of his death.

On the morning of February 15, The actress’s family reported that Welch had died at the age of 82. due to a brief illness. Although no further details were given about it.

According to “TMZ”, Jo Raquel Tejada, real name of the famous, suffered a cardiac arrest. Likewise, the model was also struggling against Alzheimer’s at the time of his death, he referred to on his death certificate.

Welch was pronounced dead at 2:25 a.m. and his body was cremated.

The model never publicly revealed who suffered from this disease.

Why was Raquel Welch named as a sex symbol?

The hit movie “One Million Years BC,” in 1966, became a hit in his career, as he appeared in it in a little deerskin suit what earned him the title sex symbol and that he kept until the end of his days.

After the film’s debut, he revealed who almost died during the scenes, since he had to record with the daring costume in severe weather conditions, which led her to suffer from tonsillitis.

“I already had so much penicillin when I was wearing the skin suit that I almost died.” he told Fox News in 2017.

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils: two masses of tissue oval shape located on both sides from the back of the throat, that cause symptoms such as sore throat, tenderness in the lymph nodes, difficulty eating, among others.

The sacrifice of the actress managed to be recognized: It was a really tough shoot, man. really hard. and then i came to London and everyone knew who I was.”

was also recognized as one of the 100 “sexiest” stars from the history of cinema in 1995 by the magazine “Empire”, refers to “Page Six”.

“Throughout his career he obtained important titles, by winning the Golden Globe in 1974 for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical for his role in “The Three Musketeers”

International media report that the last time he was seen publicly was in July of last year when she got a manicure in Beverly Hills.