The celebrations continue for the Day of the Girl and the Boy in Villa de Reyes

Games and ludic dynamics are carried out by this municipal government and its officials.

On this second day of celebrations for the Day of the Girl and Boy in Villa de Reyes on behalf of this municipal government headed by the mayor, Daniel Lagunas López, various educational establishments in the capital and in the communities were visited.

Among the activities, the delivery of sweets and the realization of games and playful dynamics for the little ones by the different municipal directors who come to live together and mainly, promote integration and camaraderie among the boys and girls of the municipality, as well as give them a moment of joy and fun.

In addition, it seeks to recognize the importance of children in society and in building a better future.

The girls and boys have enjoyed the games and the dynamics, and have received with joy the sweets and surprises that have been delivered to them, because in addition the municipal officials accompanied by their staff come dressed as Toy Story, Beauty and the Beast, Mario Bros, Minnie Mouse, The Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, among others.

And even at the “Álvaro Obregón” Elementary School, members of a circus participated, and the students enjoyed this moment by having fun with the show they offered and allowed them to have a moment of joy with the smiles they showed from ear to ear.

Children’s Day is a special date in Mexico and in the municipality of Villa de Reyes the commitment of the authorities and society in general to the well-being and happiness of the little ones has been demonstrated, and in this case, Mayor Daniel Lagunas has maintained this tradition carried out by his predecessor, Érika Briones Pérez.