The children’s video that teaches Russian children how to take a building on the front lines

the diffusion of a children’s video teaching Russian children how to attack an enemy building It has generated concern and criticism from various sectors in Ukraine and on social networks in various parts of the world.

In the video, titled “The ABC’s of the Special Military Operation” (“Special Military Operation” is the euphemism that the Kremlin uses to talk about the invasion of Ukraine), advice is given to carry out this task, which includes the use of grenades and gas in the main zone of diversion.

The images were released by Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian government, who shared the subtitled video on his Twitter account. “Today you will learn how to properly attack a building”, indicates the cartoon at the beginning.

The most important thing in this case is not to spare grenades!!”, he adds, almost with a humorous tone.

In that network, the messages of repudiation multiplied. “Conscription will now start from the age of 8,” wrote one user. “What a shame, perhaps prepare children to fight,” asked another.

One of the most alarming points in the video is when it is explained that when entering the building a grenade must be thrown, followed by the entry of the soldiers. In addition, it is warned that one should not try to remove the pin from the grenade with the teeth, ironizing with a visit to a proctologist.

It is also recommended to throw a second grenade to capture the survivors of the first explosion. Just a few hours ago, the head of the Wagner Group claimed that he had instructed his mercenaries to annihilate all the soldiers so as not to have to take on prisoners of war.

And remember, everything around you can be mined. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid contact with any object,” warns the cartoon.

The video content is not only inappropriate for children, but also dangerous. The way the instructions are presented is too simplistic and does not take into account the possible consequences of violence in real life.

These teachings for children can have a very negative impact on their development and education, since they are being taught to be violent and to dehumanize the enemy. In addition, the messages promote the idea that war is a legitimate solution to conflicts.

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